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We trust that startups drive positive change towards a holistic food supply system. The challenge to provide food for a booming global population represents a massive opportunity for dynamic, innovative, tech-focused startups seeking financial returns with social impact. Rockstart activates a compelling international network and follow-on support to help AgriFood tech startups scale to their full potential.

Rockstart AgriFood

Rockstart AgriFood gives you access to scale your business and helps drive the transformation to a regenerative and sustainable future. We shortcut your financing journey through domain focused mentorship and market introductions, customised content and co-investments up to Series B.

STATUS: Program Running


Feed the Future by Lely

Feed the Future by Lely is looking for the next generation tech pioneers who have what it takes to shape the future of dairy farming together with one of the world’s leading businesses in agriculture. Lely’s inventions have substantially changed traditions in agriculture across the globe.

STATUS: Program ended


Green Challenge DeepDive

A tailored support program for the 5 finalists of the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge. The finalists receive 6 months of mentoring, with the ultimate goal of DOEN Foundation to invest in the green startups.

STATUS: Program ended


FoodTrack by Maersk

Maersk Growth is looking for startups with solutions reducing food loss across the supply chain. Startups run for an equity investment, while receiving one month support to build their investment case.

STATUS: Program Complete




Graduated FoodTrack by Maersk Edition 1, 2018


Saillog offers an artificial intelligence-based solution that enables farmers to identify and treat plant diseases and pests. Saillog encompasses Agrio, a free interactive smartphone app. Agrio users upload images of their diseased crops, which are then analyzed through the artificial intelligence algorithm for automatic disease identification. Users may receive solution answers within seconds, while other users can choose to share their images with a team of experts who provide opinions on the best methods for treatment.




Graduated FoodTrack by Maersk Edition 2, 2018


InspiraFarms provides turn-key refrigerated storage solutions, client-centered technical support and affordable leases that enable small and growing agribusinesses to access energy-efficient food processing technology, reduce produce losses, cut energy costs, access new markets and grow sustainably – on or off-grid.


InspiraFarms was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing small and growing agribusiness in the developing world with the tools, technology and expertise to significantly reduce food losses and energy costs, and access higher-value markets.


With the support of InspiraFarms and its partners, the livelihoods of over 5,000 rural community members across the developing world have been improved, including new jobs filled by women in underserved communities.




Graduated FoodTrack by Maersk Edition 2, 2018


Fresh.Land is an award-winning green-tech startup shortening and digitizing the food supply chain. Their digital marketplace allows farmers to sell directly to retailers and consumers. All products are natural without surface treatment and freshly harvested for every shipment.


Fresh.Land reduces the carbon dioxide footprint with 88% and food waste with 10%, compared to conventional distribution methods. Founded in 2015, Fresh.Land has offices in Copenhagen and in Lisbon ans has been mentioned in Forbes as “one of the most promising green start-ups” and as “green pioneer” by WWF (2016).



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