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On the 10th of April, Rockstart’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Accelerator held its second Demo Day at the stunning chapel hall at Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) to a packed audience of investors, corporates and program mentors. As Europe’s first AI acceleration program, expectations were high, due in part to the success of the previous batch, where 3 alumni have raised €1.2 million within the first 6 months after the program ended. 

Rockstart’s COO Marjel Quekel opened opening the AI Demo Day 2019 with the words: “Artificial Intelligence will undeniably impact our world as we know it” – providing an introduction on all the exciting technology applications witnessed throughout the year and that will soon be seen on the European market.

The 2nd AI accelerator program located in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, invested in, and supported talented teams from around the world. The Program provided the startups with access to a community, market, expertise, and capital.

With a group of highly engaged and motivated mentors, the startups were able to test, validate and capture important traction, while building out their business models and gathering important feedback.

In parallel to this, each team had access to the program’s corporate partners, Vodafone Ziggo and De Volksbank. This enabled the teams to better understand real-world use cases for their technology, and provides access to that all-important asset, “Data”.

All the startups grew their knowledge, network and even revenues, engaging with industry players and investors throughout the program.  

The teams spent their time developing their businesses in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, at the beautiful campus of the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science. As a partner of the program, this support from JADS helps solves one of the biggest challenges facing most deep tech startups: access to technology talent.

“We’re proud to see this batch of startups experienced significant growth, increasing both their product viability and technical capability over the last few months”, ‘’I’m excited to see how these teams develop over the next 18 months, as I’m sure most will go on and develop impactful businesses” said Bernard McKeown, AI Program Director at Rockstart.

Below you’ll find an overview of the startups and the progress they made during the AI program.


Pixyle is a B2B innovative startup, offering visual API for analyzing fashion items in images that helps fashion e-commerce companies improve their conversion, Net Promoter Score and Search Engine Optimization. Their API is built on top of state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology and integrates seamlessly within any e-commerce platform.


Sentetic’s proprietary software, SenteticSence is bringing machine learning to industrial asset maintenance to extend the life cycle of the asset, thus reducing cost on planned maintenance and capital expenditure. Using such techniques as anomaly detection, Sentetic can reduce operational costs by as much as 90% and increase the safety for the asset users.


Agrex Technologies uses computer vision to help retail stores gather useful analytics on visitors entering the property. Using a mixture of hardware and software, Agrex provides services such as visitor demographics, heat mapping, sentiment analysis, and people counting. This information, in turn, can be used by in-house marketing and buying teams to increase revenue.


Medvice is a smart medical assistant platform which streamlines the way patients interact and share information with doctors. With its suite of apps, Medvice focuses on improving patient flow efficiency, reducing waiting and consultation times, and most importantly increase consult quality and make them more personal.


Footty is helping online shoe-retailers to make more sales with fewer returns by providing a personalized shoe fit recommendation to their customers. Using their proprietary algorithm and image recognition, users will always be guaranteed of the right fit, the first time.


Cramstack is a data analytics platform using natural language processing to enable anyone within an organization to query a database, regardless of the skill level. Their aim is to democratize data for every employee, helping to create a data-driven culture in any organization.


Xane.ai is an AI chatbot designed to help human resource professionals quality feedback with employees to identify issues and act fast to reduce churn.


Taktify measures brain waves and cognitive performance to help businesses increase safety and reduce accidents for workers operating within safety-critical industries. Their application can detect cognitive decline due to stress or workload, alerting management to take swift and decisive action.

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