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Applications open for Rockstart Energy 2021

Seize your chance for Fast Track Scaling

We are thrilled to share that applications for Rockstart Energy 2021 are officially open. If you are an energy startup and you’re ready to fast track the growth of your business, then we want to meet you! Don’t hesitate to apply if you want to secure a coveted position in our next cohort.

At Rockstart, we’re here to help you drive your vision forward by showing you how to overcome a variety of specific hurdles that are unique to your business idea. Whether it’s finding the right pricing model or going from pilot to customers, we provide tailored mentorship, market introductions and early stage investment, continuing to co-invest up to Series B. This means that when you join Rockstart Energy, you’ll get access to the people, insights and opportunities you need to become #investmentready, fast track your growth, and accelerate the energy transition.

Who are we looking for?
We are interested in solutions that drive the energy transition with decarbonized, digitized and decentralized models that offer clean, renewable and local energy solutions for energy intensive sectors. We invest widely across segments and are especially interested in innovations that fall within the following categories: renewable energy generation, energy storage, smart grid, distributed energy resources, energy efficiency, EV charging, smart mobility, logistics, hydrogen systems intelligence, and decentralized energy systems.

So what will you actually get?
The Rockstart acceleration program is unique and joining Rockstart Energy comes with a number of advantages compared to other acceleration programs. First, we are not just an accelerator – we are an accelerator-VC, meaning that we have a significant amount of capital that we can invest after the program. We have the capital to fund up to €2 million in your startup (up to series B), and we utilize our program to help scale the portfolio companies we invest in. We show you how to drive commercial traction, impact and scale – our aim is not to educate you on what a company is or to help you develop your idea or concept.

When you join, you’ll get plenty of 1:1 support in order to get into the nitty gritty of your business ideas and solve the specific challenges you’re facing. From experience, we know that most startups face challenges in several key areas when launching their product on the market and trying to grow:

Defining the right pricing model. Is your product too expensive or are you charging too little? In our experience, most startups begin modestly, resulting in prices that are too low rather than too high. We help you define the right pricing model for your startup and find tailor made solutions to the challenges you’re facing in this area.

Moving from pilots to actual customers. These days it’s not very hard to get a corporate/company to commit to making a budget available for a pilot, but turning that pilot into a full scale implementation is a challenge. We help you build a strategy that turns pilots into customers, and decide which pilot customers to focus on and which are a waste of time.

Identifying the ideal market segment(s) for your product. Perhaps you have one customer in a specific segment of the market, but your product could also fit multiple other segments. Or perhaps you’re trying to approach multiple segments at the same time, but are experiencing difficulty getting any major traction. We help you explore whether it is suitable for you to address multiple segments at the same time and help you with relevant connections.

These are just a few examples of the type of questions that we help our portfolio companies with, and practically, we do this in three ways. First, with the support of the Rockstart team, who have extensive experience helping startups overcome specific hurdles. Second, we provide hands-on support through our extensive mentor, partner, and investor network and through a customized curriculum that provides fast validation opportunities and hands-on access to experts in the Energy and startup field. And third, through follow-on investments (as a co-investor) up to series B.

Last but not least, we put you front and center, which means you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to pitch live to an international audience of investors, partners and the greater Rockstart community and network during investor events, Ecosystem Day and Demo Day. We ensure that you not only take a structured approach to scaling, but that you also learn to think from an investor’s perspective, perfect your pitch, and deliver it to the right people.

Founder success stories
Many of our portfolio companies have gone on to reach impressive milestones within just a few years, such as 2016 Rockstart alum Sympower, who raised a €5.2 million Series B round earlier this year. Similarly, Rockstart portfolio company Dexter Energy also raised a €2 million Series A round in March.

If you’re thinking of applying, here’s what some of our portfolio companies have to say about their experiences:

“I expected the acceleration program to be quite messy and not very interesting, especially considering all workshops available this year online. Instead it was the opposite experience. After those 6 months I really feel, as a first time co-founder, that I have a full picture, and an understanding from all angles.” – Maarja Meitern, Co-Founder & COO, Starke Energy

“Besides the fundamentals (mentoring, workshops, networking) Rockstart has been and remains to be very helpful in fundraising. Their wide network in energy venturing has helped us find the right investor and their experience in start-up funding ensured setting up a deal structure that was right for everyone.” – Hubert Penn, CEO, Dexter Energy

“Rockstart was a game changer since it helped us unlock value that would have been very hard for us to reach. Firstly, senior mentors from different backgrounds helped us as an advisory board. Secondly, we were part of a great network: we closed a sales contract with a utility company and signed an investment agreement. Last but not least, working with top tier startups was very enriching – I didn’t expect to learn so much from one another.” – Joan Collel, CEO, Flexidao

If you think you have what it takes to lead the way to a regenerative and sustainable future, Apply Now! We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Rockstart Energy so please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. You can also read more on our blog here about what our portfolio companies have achieved.

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