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Asperitas wins New Energy Challenge

The Winner

We’re excited to announce the winner of the New Energy Challenge 2018 is Asperitas from the Netherlands. Asperitas won with their unique liquid-cooling solution for data centers, called Immersed Computing®. The liquid cooling system is more sustainable than traditional air-based cooling systems. The NEC jury was highly impressed by the product for its energy reduction and its energy reuse in the fast-growing data center market. Asperitas won a €100,000 grant from Shell Ventures.

Maikel Bouricius, Marketing Manager from Asperitas: “This is a big day for Asperitas. Winning the New Energy Challenge shows that we, as a clean-tech company, are on the right path to green the data center industry. After two years of development we launched our first solution in 2017, deployed the first projects this year and we expect winning this award can speed up our development once more.”

The demand for data centers is quickly growing as a result of the increase in data consumption. Data centers need cooling systems as they demand a lot amount of energy. Asperitas Immersed Computing® builds on existing liquid immersion cooling technologies. It does this by adding the integration of power and network components, improving cooling physics while maintaining a strong focus on design and engineering for usability. This technology could reduce the energy footprint of data centers by 50%. On top of this, the electricity used is turned into hot water of up to 65 degrees Celsius – which is a valuable, scalable and practical resource for heating.

Geert van de Wouw, Vice-President of Shell Ventures: “Asperitas has come up with a complete and integrated energy solution that can be effectively utilized in most, if not all, situations. It is a technology that offers a solution for an energy-intensive application that is growing with immense speed. For that reason, Asperitas can play a valuable role in the energy transition.”


The two runners-up of the New Energy Challenge were also named. We are excited to share that the runners-up are Enapter and Lancey Energy Storage.

Enapter offers a cradle-to-cradle recyclable, high-capacity energy storage solution. Its electrolyser handle intermittent power from renewables and requires no precious metals.

Lancey Energy Storage offers a new generation of electric heaters that contribute to the better integration of renewable energies on the grid and also to the reduction of heating coasts. This technology makes it possible for everyone to take in the energy transition.

Enapter and Lancey Energy Storage will both receive direct entry into the accelerator programs of Yes!Delft or Rockstart to move their companies forward.

Van der Wouw: “Collaboration between start-ups, entrepreneurs, and businesses such as Shell New Energies is essential to accelerate a true transition to a new energy mix. It is clear that in the coming decades the world will need more and cleaner energy to meet growing demand. Realizing this will require the full commitment, innovation, and ingenuity of multiple actors. Our winner and runners-up have demonstrated these qualities.”

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