Andrii Degeler

Baarb from Rockstart AI program partners with Timescenery

Baarb, a startup from our current AI batch that is developing enterprise solutions for personalized online travel search, and Timescenery, the travel company delivering an ecosystem for sharing travel experiences and impressions among people worldwide, have announced the launch of their new partnership.

Following a successful pilot, Timescenery will expand its use of Baarb’s comprehensive AI platform to drive more personalized search results for website visitors.

“We are very excited about Baarb’s technology,” said Timescenery CEO, Nikita Dedik, “Using their artificial intelligence technology to optimize our hotel search results, we’re able to connect travelers to more relevant results faster and increase bookings.”

As a leader in all-in-one trip planning, the next stage in travel technology after metasearch, Timescenery is committed to continually improving its digital marketplace experience. The partnership is timely as major online travel companies are seeking opportunities in artificial intelligence to create a more personalized experience for their customers using predictive analytics and big data.

“With innovative companies like Timescenery leading these efforts, travel is catching up with other industries that have used personalization successfully for years to curate our experience,” said Barbara Parshall, CEO of Baarb. “There is a massive transformation taking place in travel with the skyrocketing use of mobile phones and voice-activated assistants for booking that demands more relevant results.”

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