Babymoon – a premature baby carrier designed for development and transparency

Today we’re talking to Geta Rasciuc, founder and CEO of Babymoon, one of the ten startups participating in this year’s Digital Health accelerator program. Babymoon is a biomonitoring system for premature babies, combining skin-to-skin care with real-time vital sign tracking and analysis.  

“It’s a solution for medical practitioners at a fraction of the cost of the state of the art equipment they use for monitoring the vitals of  premature babies.”

Before Geta started working on baby carriers, she had a career in advertising and was part of an advertising agency in Moldova, where she is originally from. In 2007, when Geta’s oldest son was six months old, she decided to build a business and started making ergonomic baby carriers. Geta explains, ‘Babymoon really grew out of my baby carrier business, because I was working on that for a long time and I’m passionate about that topic. I always wanted to make a line that is specifically designed for premature babies.’

Geta tells us Moldova doesn’t have a lot of resources and the healthcare system is long outdated. Doctors are used to treating patients top-down and aren’t open in their communication towards their patients. This is partly where Babymoon was born.  As Geta explains, ‘the first time I ever had something to do with a neonatal intensive care unit, was a few months into my baby carrier business. I was there to explain to a mother of a premature baby how to use the baby carrier. Two nurses were watching me and they said ‘this is what we learned from the classes for nurses.’ So I thought why am I here doing their job? Why wouldn’t they explain to a new mother how to use the baby carrier? I interacted with hundreds of moms and knew their struggles. Because doctors and nurses aren’t transparent with the parents, they don’t know what is going on.’

“I believe there can be an impact not just on this generation, but on future generations as well.”

The Babymoon carrier helps to create more transparency for the parents, as well as for the doctors. Geta explains further, ‘the Babymoon carrier has integrated sensors in the construction so the sensors read the data about the baby’s vital signs and send it to the app and eventually to the doctors. This type of skin carrier has a much milder learning curve, so it’s easy to teach the new parents how to use it. At the same time the carrier enables the parents to see the baby’s vital signs, so they can react to it and if necessary inform their doctor.’

Besides improving the transparency, the baby carrier also improves the baby’s development and the relationship with its parents. ‘Wearing your baby skin-to-skin provides the baby with a model to copy. The baby copies, for example, the rhythm of your heartbeat, your breathing rhythm and body temperature. As a parent you just have to be yourself and provide a model for the baby.’, Geta lets us know. She goes on, ‘What gets me really excited here, is that we can help children to develop much faster and have a really amazing relationship with their parents. I believe there can be an impact, not just on this generation, but it really is going to benefit the future generations. It gives bonding and really good communication, it’s amazing.’  

“Coming here, we have more opportunities.”

Geta’s long term goal is to make the Babymoon system available to neonatal doctors so they can support skin-to-skin care between mothers and their premature babies while still in the hospital. Geta is looking to find a good structure for the foundation of her business, as well as to work on the prototype. ‘There are so many good people willing to help, like Radboudumc, and we have access to amazing information that we didn’t have at home, so I’m very hopeful for the success of Babymoon.’

“I see lots of super valuable opportunities and people, a very helpful team and a nice place to work. It’s really nice, promising and amazing.”

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