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Become a Master Pitcher with Tips from David Beckett

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, one thing is for certain: you’ll have to pitch your business ideas constantly. Whether you’re just getting started and trying to structure your ideas, or preparing for a more focused meeting with investors, we’ve got you covered with our two-part video series on pitching tips from David Beckett.

David is an online presentation coach and master pitcher. He has trained numerous founders from our startup cohorts, worked as a TEDx speech coach, and trained hundreds of presenters with various levels of experience through his online pitching business Best 3 Minutes Presentation Services. He is also the creator of The Pitch Canvas© and author of Pitch To Win, so he is without a doubt the go-to expert if you’re in need of advice for polishing your pitch.

Keep reading if you want to know what tips David has for you!

Part 1 – The “glory pitch”

Have you made several outlines for your pitch, but can’t seem to find the right flow? Have you watched every single video Youtube has to offer on pitching, only to find yourself right back at square one when you sit down to organize your thoughts? Do you find it challenging to take your business ideas and turn them into a story that feels relatable for your audience? Then Part 1 is for you!

In this video series, David focuses on the “glory pitch”. He’ll give you tips for how to get started, how to give structure to your pitch, and equally importantly, how to make it human.

#Audience & objective

Stop! Before you write anything down, you’ll need to identify two key ingredients: your audience and your objective. Who are you pitching to and what do they care about? In this video, David helps you get into your audience’s mind so you can hit all the right points and blow them away.

Watch David talk about Audience & Objective here.

#Boiling it down: finding your top three focus points

You likely have tons of ideas at this stage, and lots of important points you want to convey, but you need to boil it down to what’s important for this pitch.

What problem are you trying to solve? What solution have you created? What’s unique about your solution? Are you trying to sift through hundreds of ideas floating around in your head, or perhaps having a hard time figuring out where to start?

Check out this video for David’s best advice on gathering the essential ingredients for your pitch.

#Finding a strong opening and closing

Have you ever lost interest during a presentation? Or worse, tuned out after the first few sentences?

The best presentations all have a clear beginning, middle and end, but they also have a strong opening that captivates the audience, and an ending that reminds them why they were interested, to begin with.

In this video, David gives you the secret sauce for making sure you deliver a pitch to remember.

Watch it now.

#Making it human

Last but not least, don’t forget the most important part – finding that magical spark with your audience. Structure is important and will ensure smooth delivery, but don’t forget to speak to peoples’ emotional side and help them understand why your solutions are needed.

This is one of the more challenging aspects of creating a memorable pitch, so be sure not to miss this video where David shares his favorite methods for making your story more human.

Check it out here.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where David will help you prepare for meeting with investors! In the meantime, if you want even more tips from David, then be sure to check out his online courses and course materials. He also frequently gives workshops online, so be sure to follow him for more news and updates.

Thank you for sharing your top tips with us, David!

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