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Blog Post Deep Dive – Why ask Why

RSA Blog • Stefanos Karakasis • 16/05/2012

“Prepare or be prepared”. – Daan Weddepohl

A deep dive session stands for a talk between a startup founder and a mentor asking a lot of questions starting with “why?”. These talks have specific themes to focus the conversation. It is up to the startup to listen carefully and know which parts of the mentor’s brain they want to pick before and after shaking hands.

Good people, great conversation. Yesterdays mentors were MobyPicture founder Mathys van Abbe, Co-founder at MT MediaGroep Ewald Smits, Marieke Westgeest a.k.a Markenizer and Mr Appsterdam, Mike Lee. While some of the startups were mentally preparing for wednesday yoga, Daan and Ewald went in on Peerby’s strategy over coffee. One of Ewald’s tips was that instead of launching Holland, launch in cities. Start locally in Amsterdam, then Berlin and the rest of the world. Start locally, end global. While kicking back on our red Fatboy’s and going over the conversation Daan said: “Anybody can give their opinion, but for good advice you need the right person”.

In the meantime Alejandro from PostCron had a one-on-one with Mike Lee on the importance of educating customers. Mike just got a haircut and there is even a business lesson in that. As Mike put it: “There is no time to handle hair. I am building a product and there is no time to lose!”. Therefore, involve your customers. They will get to know you and why they use your product. Alejandro’s personal strategy is to have a perfect pitch, but as Mathys said: “Keep it simple in terms of product and presentation”. The same applies for partners.

While Daan prefers to ride his office chair from a to b, Alejandro and me were talking about his business in Argentina and why he created PostCron. While we were going through a PastBook of his birthday memories, the whole Rockstart Accelerator team is smiling in the background now that the rock solid partnership with Elevate Consulting has been made official. While running his business from South-America he ran into a problem without an existing tool so solve it. He wanted a personal and efficient way to share great content via social media so he could share what is going on with his business in an authentic way. The only thing to do was to build it himself, which is a great story.

If you are curious and want to hear the story? He wants to practice his storytelling, so go ahead and ask him about it @AleRigatuso

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