CareToSave Launches Storybook App Teaching Children How To Save Energy

Rockstart Accelerator alumni CareToSave are developing an interactive system to help all members within families become more conscious about the environment and save energy at home. They have just launched their first product, aimed at the young ones: a free storybook app for children to inform them about climate change and its relation to energy consumption in a fun and interesting way.

Founded in 2013 by Andriy Shmyhelskyy as a socially conscious and environmentally responsible enterprise, CareToSave moved from Oslo to Amsterdam to join the Smart Energy Accelerator 2014 class. The idea of making energy metering fun and easy for children lead to the creation of Hyko, a fully robust home energy management system that helps the whole family to manage their energy consumption. It can also be integrated with existing energy management and metering solutions.

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The production of Hyko’s system started with the free storybook app for iPad named “Hyko’s Adventure: Melting Ice” for children between the ages of 6 and 12. Hyko’s Adventure App is a part of the cooperation between CareToSave and the Dutch grid operator Stedin. Working together, these companies want to raise awareness on energy consumption among younger generations and move towards decentralized energy system. To mark the launch of the application, CareToSave and Stedin sent 10000 bookmarks to 100 different libraries in Utrecht and South Holland.

About the new app
An interactive illustrated storybook tells a story of young polar bear Hyko who is on a mission to solve the mystery of melting ice and save the lives of other polar bears. Through reading and playing, kids and their parents will learn how to help Hyko on his mission by using energy more wisely in their own home.


Features include:

  • Spoken narration and independent reading
  • Interactive text and images
  • 33 fully illustrated pages

The new app is now available in the Dutch App Store.

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