Celebrating Web & Mobile’s 5th Demo Day

On Wednesday, June 29th, Rockstart’s 5th Web and Mobile Accelerator class pitched their businesses to an audience of investors, mentors, partners and fellow founders.  These 10 startups range from a company that easily turns your analytics into fun infographics to another that makes it simple to rent pop-up retail space to a bank for kids, run by parents.  We noticed a recurring theme among all the 2016 W&M participants – they all have taken a process that was once considered difficult, and made it simple and for a few, there are international implications.

Rutger van Waveren, program director of Web & Mobile, explains it like this, “all the teams have grown dramatically in the last 100 days in terms of understanding their customer, building their product and getting traction.  And a few are about to disrupt global marketplaces.  Pipelinepharma is internationally focused and already changing the way pharmaceutical companies negotiate agreements.  HealthyRoad is testing a solution to decrease car crashes caused by drowsiness, fatigue and distraction.  And Surance is on its way to disrupt a complex market of financial advisors by providing a simple and powerful wealth management tool.”

Learn more about the 2016 class of Web & Mobile startups and their accomplishments below:  

Chasing Spaces (NL) – Chasing Spaces is an online marketplace for flexible retail space where shops can be rented for 1 day to 1 year.  In an easy, fast and transparent way we connect tenants with space owners.  The result:  entrepreneurial dreams becoming reality, direct value for landlords and vibrant shopping street relevant for consumers.


Chasing Spaces currently represents over 50 retail locations in Amsterdam and is expanding in early July 2016 to Utrecht.  Retail spaces onboarded include venues in Amsterdam’s Central Station and Magna Plaza.


HealthyRoad (PT) – HealthyRoad is developing facial biometric technology for the automotive sector. The software aims to analyze drowsiness, fatigue levels, distraction and stress levels, is able to identify different drivers as well as sex and age in order to create a driver’s profile. The software’s main goal is to alert the driver for dangerous driving behavior.


Healthy Road is currently working with car manufacturers to pilot their product in vehicles and simulators – where they’ll be testing the product’s ability to distinguish between drowsiness, distraction, fatigue and emotions.  In July, the company is launching a HealthyRoad Android app for individuals.


Otly! (NL) – Otly! is a bank for kids run by the parents. We replace the outdated piggy banks with a contemporary concept of digital banking at an early age.  We are driven by two beliefs: financial education for kids and convenience for parents. Financial tools and educational content help parents to teach their kids to be smart with money and curious for learning more. Kids get their own flavour of the “grown up” way of banking, making it simple and fun at the same time. Within a safe financial eco-system, kids will be able to purchase digital gift cards for platforms such as iTunes or use Otly Jr. app to pay at one of the selected merchants.


Otly! won the Pirate Summit pitch competition and UberPitch, which led to a meeting with Uber founder Travis Kalanick.  Additional press coverage includes:  UberPitch recap in Fd.nl and 25 Dutch Startups to Keep an Eye On in Changemakers Business Magazine.  At Demo Day Otly! announced a pilot with myorder.nl to give the company the ability to move into the bank space with access to an ewallet backend and merchants.


Playtest (NL)  – Getting players to test your game before it’s finished is hard. Finding these players is difficult. With Playtest game studios get to talk to their players while they are developing a game. Allowing them to get valuable feedback from a group of users while they enjoy their game. Players love to provide feedback and if you act on it, they’ll love you for this. We help studios turn players into fans.


Today the Playte.st is talking with 1 of the top 5 biggest game publishers in the world.  

Pipelinepharma (UK) – Pipelinepharma is a B2B marketplace for the generic pharmaceutical industry. It effectively reduces the amount of time pharmaceutical executives spend searching for products and negotiations agreements using a highly sophisticated, industry-specific search engine with a large and growing database.


Over $12M in international deals from India to the US have been negotiated on the Pipelinepharma platform.  

Surance (NL) – Surance makes investing and financial planning easy, honest and accessible for everyone. Our intelligent wealth management tools send smart notifications to keep you up-to-date, provide you complete control over your financial future and investments, and actively offer advice to help you reach your goals faster.


Surance recently won a Pitch contest with Houthoff Buruma – a legal firm, to provide 2 years of legal assistance.

Teletext.io (NL) – Teletext.io is a revolutionary new way of content management. You can add it to any website by simply adding our javascript client and tagging the content you want to have editable. After that, you don’t need to bother developers anymore to do a text change – so easy, even my CEO can do it.  

TIQ (NL) – “Workers are bad at filling out time-sheets, and it costs billions a day.” – Harvard Business Review, 2015.  TIQ automates time-sheets. The tools that you use to get your work done contain data that can tell us something about how you spend your time. By analysing this data, TIQ helps you to create an accurate overview of activities that can be validated in less than a minute per day. The result is faster and more accurate insight in activities per project, client or task.


TIQ is introducing a new partner strategy with a focus on SMEs and working together with Exact Software on a co-marketing relationship.  

Whatagraph (Lithuania) – Whatagraph changes the way website and social analytics are prepared by automatically converting data into understandable infographic reports. For marketing agencies and independent website owners usually spending hours manually producing website performance reports, Whatagraph saves time by allowing to get a quick overview of web and social performance.


Today, Whatagraph has sent more than 200K reports for 2000+ clients including agencies BBDO and Triple 888, corporates Fairfax Media and Bombardier and brands Desigual, Fujifilm Europe and Footlocker.  The company was named by Forbes as one of the 8 most ambitious startups from Lithuania and has recently added Facebook analytics to their infographic offerings.  At Demo Day, the team announced they are preparing an enterprise solution with a customized, unlimited platform.     

WordKik (Ireland) – Parents are constantly struggling to get their children off their smartphones and tablets. They are also worried about their children’s online safety. That’s why at WordKik we created a parental control app which helps parents to manage their children’s devices from any smartphone or tablet. With our app parents can get the insights to know what their children are doing on their devices and at the same time we protect children from inappropriate content online.


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