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It’s Demo Time: Rockstart Proudly Presents 10 Digital Health Startups

It’s been a week since our Digital Health Demo Day took place at De Vasim in Nijmegen, and we’re ready to divulge what all took place on stage!

The 10 startups who were accepted into Rockstart’s Digital Health accelerator program–a 180-day incubator where they were offered access to capital, mentorship, and facilities–were given the ultimate opportunity to pitch their startups to an audience of investors, partners, press, and affiliates. Everything they had been working on for the past 5 months culminated in these pitches, and we are happy to say they were as engaging as they were pragmatic. With over 40 partnerships already in place, our 10 startups were eager to show how far they’ve come. Take a look at the budding companies below!

Kicking off the pitches was Healthbit, a web-enabled platform geared to significantly improve patient diagnoses as well as patient outcomes.

The next pitch came from BabyMoon, the first-ever sensory baby carrier. The only active-child baby monitor, BabyMoon is looking to make a go-to-market prototype as soon as possible.

iThrive is in the business of behaviour change. With a buddy system, personalized check-ins, and goal-setting, the iThrive app shifts users into a positive state from which they can perform action more productively.

With MedinReal’s Smart Glasses, doctors will be able to look at a patient’s chart while standing face-to-face with them, eliminating an excess of wasted time on desk work and EHR.  

With the ability to have baseline kidney data on hand, in addition to nutrition and activity tracking, individualized check-ins, and weekly lessons, RenalTracker is a helpful platform for those wishing to maintain their kidney health.

EyeSense provides a mobile-free wearable device, which contains a camera and runs with artificial intelligence designed to help the visually impaired.

Totem Open Health is an open health community for digital health products. It’s open-source, community-based, free to use, and free to download.

SmartBridge provides cancer patients with 24/7 on-demand access to the top oncologists, right there in the patient’s’ pockets.

Operating as a mobile platform for patients and hospitals, GoClinic provides access to medical data at the touch of a finger, providing easy-to-understand recovery plans and medical information.

iVitalz, a platform dedicated to making access to healthcare affordable and convenient, as well as providing a service where patients can call and text a doctor in the language they best understand.

We’re very proud of the work they’ve done thus far, and we excitedly await to see what lies ahead for these 10 Digital Health startups!

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