Does making the world a better place seem like a game to you?

With the launch of TheCityGame it soon will be! Through easily achievable missions, the game encourages you to perform good deeds while having fun. The app allows users to share accomplishments, collect points and get rewarded, not only with the warm, fuzzy feeling of making a difference in the world, but also fun prizes. Rockstart Accelerator Smart Energy 2014 alumni TheCityGame just launched their free App on Android devices, with an iOS version soon to follow.

TheCityGame is built around a simple challenge: do one good thing every day. Even very small changes in your behavior can make a huge difference in today’s society. This is why the game offers manageable tasks that can be easily completed. The actions you can take range from saving energy at home, to recycling, donating or helping others. The activities are accompanied by short facts and information on how you just made the world a nicer place.

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To prove that you have finished your mission, you take a picture of what you have achieved using the app and share the moment with your friends. Compare your score and challenge them to follow your lead. Additionally, the points you earn can be exchanged for cool goodies such as T-shirts and tote bags.

The tongue-in-cheek tone that the missions are held in, adds to the fun of playing the game. You might be asked to “go veg” and eat a healthy veggie meal in order to earn points. Or you are encouraged to “Kiss & Tell”, by taking a selfie with a loved one you haven’t seen for a while. When you are told to “Use Your Head” it is time to recycle empty aluminum cans. More awesomely designed missions by TheCityGame, can be found in the picture below.


With their idea for TheCityGame the developers (Ioustinos Sarris, Thomas Papaspyros and Fotis Merakos) qualified for the Rockstart Smart Energy Accelerator program in 2014. Excited about the experiences they had during their time in Amsterdam, the team is now bringing the Rockstart spirit to their homebase in Greece. As organizers for our Rockstart Answers sessions in Athens, they help local entrepreneurs to gather valuable feedback from industry experts.

Check out TheCityGame for free and play your part for a better world!

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