Editing Websites Now Hassle-Free Thanks to Teletext.io

Continuing our series of interviews, we spoke with the cofounder of Teletext.io, a platform to manage website content easily.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your startup:

I’m Marcel Panse, cofounder of Teletext.io. I’ve been a freelancer for the last six years or so and have worked at a lot of different startups, and at every startup, we encountered the same problem.

If you have custom-built software and you don’t use something like a CMS (content management system), at some point you’ll have a content manager or a marketer who will want to change text on the website. This requires having to go through a developer. That usually takes a couple of weeks because of test and deployment cycles so we wanted to remedy this in a way that makes immediate changes possible without a CMS, so we started Teletext.io.

How does the technology work?

If you want to use Teletext.io, all you have to do is insert a JavaScript into your webpage; it can be any webpage based on any technology – it doesn’t matter. You then mark in your source code the text you’d like to be editable, and whenever you’d like to change the content, you just go into edit mode on your website itself and change the text. Anyone with an account can then edit the website. It’s also multilingual, so if you tell us you’d like to see a French version of your page, we will show that on the fly. We even have a translation service connected to easily order professional translations.

How did you come up with the idea for Teletext.io? What was your inspiration?

Most companies are reluctant to use a CMS as it needs installation and maintenance, plus it’s vulnerable to hacking. So we had an idea of how we could build something different and at the same time Amazon launched a new technology stack called ‘serverless’ where you could run platforms without the need for servers. We found this really interesting and we took the Teletext.io idea as a sample to build something on this new stack to see how it worked.

It started out as a hobby project really. We had two clients on whom we could test this idea, so we started building the platform last September and worked on it during our spare time. We launched it the following December and tested it with a couple of customers. It worked really well and soon enough we had 500 accounts registered with us. So it got to the point where we wanted to turn this into a company.

How interactive is it? Can you change pictures as well?

For now, it changes text but you can also go into HTML mode and you can add lists and tables etc. We are also going to add support for images directly so you can click and switch images as easily as editing text.

What sort of challenges have you encountered along the way?

The biggest challenge at Rockstart was the information overload and trying to process all of it. You meet 60 mentors and investors and everyone has input and opinions and want to help you. Since I’m the only team member in the accelerator program at the moment, it sometimes becomes difficult to keep what’s important in sight.

How has joining Rockstart Accelerator helped your startup?

When we started Teletext.io, it was more of a hobby project and so we didn’t have any plans for payment or how we can make any revenue off this platform. We didn’t think about things like who our target audience is and how we can approach them. At Rockstart we have a lot of workshops about lean methodologies, marketing, and how to grow etc. That really helped me to figure out what the next steps are for Teletext.io. That was super helpful. Also, what we hadn’t realized yet was what makes our startup special. Rockstart really helps you think about this stuff.

Do you have any advice for startups who want to join an accelerator program?

Yeah, just do it! Enrol and see where it goes. That’s how it was for us – we didn’t have plans to become some great company but it all starts with just doing and then seeing where it takes you.

Can you describe your experience at Rockstart in three words?

I can do it in two: Guided Learning.

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