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The Finish Chute to Smart Energy Demo Day Part II (of III)

We are officially under a week away from the 2017 Rockstart Smart Enegy Demo Day. Yesterday we held a Mini Demo Day in our Ballroom, where our nine startups had the opportunity to rehearse their pitches in preparation for the main event on September 13. (The photos included in this post are sneak peaks from today’s pitch practices!)

We are pleased to present the next three startups in our series “Finish Chute to Smart Energy Demo Day.” In the first post in the series we featured three international startups. The teams in this post represent the Dutch smart energy startup ecosystem, and we are excited to share their progress ad their reflections on the following question with you

What was the main result that you got out of the Rockstart Smart Energy Program?

SunData (the Netherlands) monitors the performance of photovoltaic (PV) solar systems, with a software-based solution. Currently they have a strong focus on the residential and small-sized enterprises (SME) sector. Owners of PV solar systems give SunData access to their inverter, which allows SunData to analyze the data to give a clear indication if their system is working properly. They can then determine which systems are underperforming and which are in need of maintenance. This is useful for asset owners, maintenance and installation companies or utility companies.

The intense and focused nature of the Rockstart Smart Energy Accelerator proved to be a highly productive period of time for the team at SunData. This was primarily through the necessity to put their learnings immediately into practice.

The main result for me was that I learned how to apply methodologies to increase your chances to build a successful business,” said SunData’s CFO/COO Maarten De Vlugt. “Next to that, I just learned more than working in companies in the years before, which was very valuable to me.”

Hero Balancer

Hero Balancer (the Netherlands) has developed a product can be used to provide more comfort to users in the built environment (offices, nursing homes, apartment buildings, etc.) while conserving energy. The platform monitors the existing heating installation inside buildings and illustrates the mismatch between heat demand and supply. It then connects to the existing building management system (BMS) to get data from it; using both weather data and heat prediction, the platform is able to tell BMS how much heat it needs to produce.

Ted Braakman, CEO and Co-Founder at Hero Balancer, says that he found Rockstart’s robust network and communal working environment very motivating and influential in the startup’s development. He added that Rockstar provided the startup with lots of access to useful events, inspiring mentors, and that Program Director Freerk Bisschop was able to connect them to the right people. The team works out of the Rockstart headquarters, along with many other startups. Braakman praised the communal workspace, saying that “the intense working environment when you are in the same office with the other startups, this makes you learn a lot from you peers and makes you a better entrepreneur.”

Efficiator (the Netherlands) provides a “one-click-solution” to help corporations empower their customers to be sustainable and to gain control over their energy consumption. It starts the process with a unique and very simple checklist calculated from external data. Using proprietary algorithms, the startup pursues a mission to provide the best products and services for each specific household.

Richard van Ravenstein, Founder and CEO at Efficiator, found that the Smart Energy Program at Rockstart provided focus and a very productive environment for development. He spoke highly of the benefit his team received from the program, stating that “Rockstart gave us the right mindset to be successful.” He went on to describe that he found that being part of the community at Rockstart was very helpful, saying, “Rockstart is perfect feeding ground for collaborating.”

Stay tuned next week for our final post on the remaining three startups!

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