The Finish Chute to Smart Energy Demo Day Part III (of III)

It seems like only yesterday that nine ambitious and driven startups joined the 2017 Rockstart Smart Energy program and we are already in the 149th day with Demo Day scheduled for tomorrow! After 150 days of intensive coaching, support and learning amidst peers, mentors and relevant stakeholders—our entrepreneurs are now ready for their big day!

Nine startups, twenty entrepreneurs belonging to ten countries, and all of them are chasing the same goal—raising an investment. This week, we bring to you the final part of our blog series, ‘Finish Chute to Smart Energy Demo Day’. In the first post, we introduced you to the three international startups while in the second post, we featured three teams that represent the Dutch startup ecosystem. This edition, we talk to three startups about Demo Day—the day that they have all been gearing up for the past half year—how excited are they about it?

What are you expecting from Demo Day?


Team OneWatt believes that motors are the backbone of the industrial world, so their unforeseen failures can cause huge problems for industries. OneWatt uses its custom acoustic sensors, frequency analyzers and machine learning to hear a motor’s resonant frequency to prevent unlanned downtime. Confident about being able to tell what, when and where the fault will be down to the centimeter, OneWatt employs acoustic sensing to be as nonintrusive as possible. With OneWatt, your facility can now detect faults earlier, prevent revenue losses from downtime and remove guesswork in the maintenance work.

Emmanuel Bueta has high hopes for tomorrow’s Demo Day. He says, “we are ambitious about getting our name out there targeted towards the right people. Being one of the few startups with no roots in Europe, we are working hard to build our network from scratch.” He goes on to add that because OneWatt pivoted halfway through the program from their original value proposition, “it’s now really important for us to let the world know who we are and what we do. We have a product that we are excited about and we think can be huge, we’re hoping on Demo Day we get other people excited about it too.”


With the world going wireless at a fast pace, batteries have proven to be the heart of the industrial motive
power and electric energy storing solutions. In spite of batteries being an expensive buy, they are not always treated properly and often lose their ability to store energy quickly. Bamomas developed a modular cloud utilizing ‘Pay as you go’ Solution as a Service (SaaS) to monitor and manage industrial battery systems. Modular approach is released using simple miniature non-intrusive wireless sensor combined with cloud platform that provides the battery intelligence. With the cloud solution all kinds of customers can be served in scale-able and flexible manner.

CEO of Bamomas, Raimo Vuopionperä, is looking forward to getting his company in front of investors. Looking ahead to Demo Day, he says, “we expect to attract interest from the right kind of investors who would like to join our journey to help organizations to use their battery assets in a more sustainable way.”


Sensfix is a IoT-enabled location-based service for repairs and maintenance of smart city assets. sensfix cloud, mobile App and the web platform integrated with the IoT sensors, operating with over 600 assets in 50+ townships in 3 countries, enables the assets like streetlights, traffic lights etc. to report faults instantaneously to the owners and automatically call the nearest service personnel for repairs & maintenance creating a Uber-like network. Unlike Thumbtack and StarofService that specialize in manual listing and discovery, sensfix is a first of its kind online aggregator of assets powered by IoT sensors that enable auto detection without the intervention of the owner. Most valuable USP is assured price of labour and quickest turnaround time for—detection, discovery by the nearest expert personnel, response and repair.

Balaji Renukumar, CEO of Sensfix, is looking forward to celebrating all that the startups have accomplished over the past 150 days. He says, “the program that we joined was a means of getting discipline and focusing our efforts so that we set up a very solid organization. This Demo Day is a formal cumulation of that.”

Tomorrow afternoon these nine startups take to the stage at Westerliefde in Amsterdam to present their pitches to investors, mentors, and the greater startup community. We are humbled to be a part of their growth, and are looking forward to celebrating their progress tomorrow at Demo Day.

Tune in to our live Twitter during the event to stay updated on the pitches, and look for our recap blog post by Smart Energy Program Associate, Julian Jacob, at the end of the week!

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