Julie Donders

Fix customers for life

I want to buy from companies that go the extra mile for its customers. I want to work at a company that goes the extra mile for its customers. Because that’s the way business should be done. Before today, I knew this already. But this feeling has been stirred up by Chris Zane’s feature ‘Reinventing the Wheel: Creating Lifetime Customers’ on ChangeThis.com.

The story is about Chris, who every day tries to provide unparalleled customer service. He starts out with an interesting question: “How much is a lifetime customer worth to your business?”. He goes on to explain that making customers happy should be the lifeblood of your business, in whatever industry you are. To him, winning customers’ business for life is about three things:

  • Developing a trusting relationship
  • Extraordinary service
  • Attention to detail

It’s a really nice 12-pager full of insightful examples and quotes, here’s a few:

“No matter what business you are in, you should be in the relationship-building and experience-selling business.”

“Building lifetime relationships means the end of individual transactions…It means the end of nickel-and-diming.”

“End the nickel-and-diming shows the customer that we care more about the relationship than getting every last cent possible from them.”

Read the full article here.

BTW: ChangeThis.com is a great site with a mission to spread important ideas and change minds.

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