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FMO selects the 10 finalists of Finture Solutions

Finture Solutions, an initiative by FMO in collaboration with Rockstart, has released the names of the 10 startups who will be in the running to receive up to €125,000 development capital. On the 26th of June, the 5 winners will be announced by the final jury including Linda Broekhuizen (CIO FMO), Janet Nieboer (Director FMO NL Business), and Koen de Heus (Royal De Heus Group), amongst others.

The 10 selected startups provide a scalable solution that drives positive change in emerging markets. Four of the ten startups have built innovative solutions to improve processes in the global agrifood value chains; another four startups are contributing to the energy transition towards renewables in Africa, South America, and Asia; and the 2 remaining startups provide access to water to communities where fresh water is scarce.

FMO was inspired by the variety of innovative and impactful solutions submitted, and the diversity of the teams. Among the 10 finalists, 4 startups have at least one female entrepreneur on the founding team. The selection process was competitive due to the large number of applications received. After selection calls with the Top 30 startups, the Top 10 were selected to join the final Pitch Day taking place on June 26 in Amsterdam.

On Pitch Day, the 10 teams will kick off the day by pitching their startup to a jury of experts in their domain, i.e. AgriFood, Renewable Energy or Water. In the afternoon, all finalists are invited to pitch on stage to the grand jury who will announce the 5 lucky winners awarded with up to €125,000 development capital as well as support from FMO.

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Complex food supply chains make it impossible for brands to know what is going on in their thousands of supply sites. &Wider has built a solution to collect anonymous data on worker conditions directly from workers to drive improvement and measure progress.

The future of farming includes transitioning from analog to digital farming and remote sensing technologies. EagleSensing is unlocking the potential of aerial data-driven precision agriculture by providing a scalable, affordable and end-user focused solution to farmers worldwide.

Efficiency in food production has to be increased to fulfill the demand of +9.7 billion people in 2050. FarmResult is dedicated to improving animal welfare and poultry meat production processes, providing a tool directly to farmers to get real-time insights and take well-informed decisions in all steps of the supply chain.

Liquidseal Fruits
More than one-third of the food that is produced goes to waste. Liquidseal invented an eco-friendly packaging that is biodegradable and compostable, which enables to reduce food wastage up to 40%.

Renewable Energy:

AMMP Technologies
Off-grid renewables in emerging markets is impeded by tough operating conditions. AMMP supports off-grid energy companies to realize their full potential, by reducing operational costs and enabling innovative business models.

Fishers spend 40% of their monthly income on kerosene while the fumes cause health issues and release high levels of CO2. Sagar has developed a solar-powered fishing lamp that improves safety and supports low-income fishing families.

Many off-grid farming communities lack access to clean energy and water. SolarCreed provides solar energy and water services to off-grid farmers in Africa to improve productivity.

The Waste Transformers
The Waste Transformers turn residual waste streams into energy. Communities and companies now have a turn-key product which uses micro anaerobic digestion to convert organic waste into energy on-site at the source of the waste generation.


Elemental Water Makers
Already 4 billion people face water scarcity. With 97% of all water being salty, the key to more water lies in the sea. Elemental Water Makers has developed an affordable solar-powered desalination technology to overcome water scarcity.

Max Water Social Business
The quality of public water sources is often unsafe, and women and children spend up to 2 hours daily for water collection. Max Water Social Business provides clusters of rural households in Bangladesh quality piped water at their premises through an entrepreneurial model.

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