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FoodTrack by Maersk announces the first batch of startups

Together with Maersk, we have just announced the ten startups chosen for the first edition of FoodTrack by Maersk. The month-long venture programme will take place in Copenhagen and have a distinct focus on startups with solutions that can help reduce food loss throughout the food value chain.

During the programme the ten startups will work closely together with Maersk’s Fight Food Waste venture team and Rockstart’s Agrifood team, as well as a strong community of experts and mentors coming from both inside and outside the Maersk organization.

“The team and I are really excited about working together with the startups to get a better understanding of their solutions and identify the areas where we can help them accelerate their development in the future,” said Peter Votkjær Jørgensen, Venture Partner at Maersk’s Fight Food Waste team.

The chosen startups come from ten different countries and work on a wide range of solutions, from solar-powered cold storage to IoT-enabled farm management systems to trading platforms for rural small-holder farmers.

“We are thrilled to bring together top founders from all over the world; the cohort reflects that tackling food loss is a global challenge, which must be addressed at multiple stages in the food system,” said Mark Durno, Agrifood Program Director at Rockstart.

The FoodTrack programme will end on July 6 with a Demo Day where the startups will pitch for an opportunity to receive funding and further collaborate with Maersk in the future.

Meet the Teams

Nigeria-based Cold hubs provides solar-powered cold storage solutions to tackle the substantial post-harvest food loss that occurs at small-holder farms and market stallholders due to inadequate storage facilities.

Selina Wamucii, operating out of Kenya, has developed a mobile solution that enables to source, aggregate, and redistribute fresh produce from African small-holders to domestic and export markets.

KrishiHub, a startup from India, have created a two-sided platform that bridges the gap between small-holder farmers and domestic food enterprises. Moreover, the online platform strives to enhance farm efficiency by providing several service such as local weather forecasts, crop health monitoring and farm input directories.

The Israeli startup Saillog leverages artificial intelligence and image recognition technologies to identify a multitude of crop diseases and pests. This enables farmers to diagnose and initiate pest management interventions faster and more accurately to prevent pre-harvest loss.

ListenField from Japan delivers an IoT-powered farm management system that provides predictive insights by analyzing a variety of agro-environmental data such as soil condition, aerial and satellite imagery as well as weather and climate inputs.

The UK-founded Mothive provides a decision support platform that combines field sensors and a SaaS solution into a means to increase yield and quality of produce, as well as reduce crop loss in the field.

Tsenso from Germany is a Cloud based SaaS solution that utilizes complex algorithms to determine the precise freshness and quality of food in real time based on temperature inputs throughout the value chain.

Provision Analytics from Canada has created a platform that leverages data analytics and reporting, to scour disparate datasets on the food supply chain and compare the outputs for anomalies, missing information, trends, and inconsistencies.

Australia-based AgKonect provides a mobile map-based workflow system that enables better coordination and higher efficiency in the field and throughout the food value chain. This solution is particularly suitable for integrated pest management systems and value chain management to reduce food deterioration and business inefficiencies.

Wenda from Italy has developed a plug-and-play low-priced IoT device to trace temperature, humidity, shock, box-breaching, and overturning during shipment and storage phases. The platform directly processes data from the device and performs elaborate analysis, aggregates trends, and delivers information for decision making.

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