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Our fresh batch of Smart Energy startups is here!

We’re very pleased to announce the startup participants for our 2017 Smart Energy accelerator program! We’ve selected teams from across the globe—from Australia to Uganda—that provide services and solutions for a digital, decentralized, and decarbonized energy system. These startups will spend the next five months in our Rockstart building in Amsterdam working hard on their ideas, supported by a stellar team of mentors, industry experts, and partners.

“It has been exciting to select this next batch of teams with a wide variety of technology, markets and solutions,” said Freerk Bisschop, Smart Energy program director. “We’re eager to engage our ecosystem of mentors, investors & industry partners with these startups to accelerate their growth and impact.”

As for the program itself, this year marks the fourth instalment of our Smart Energy accelerator! Since 2014, the 28 companies that have gone through this particular accelerator have raised more than €4.5 million in follow-on funding and created more than 100 jobs. We’re very proud to see these companies excel and grow, and we’re looking forward to working with our new batch of Smart Energy startups. Take a look below to get a taste of what to expect from this year’s group!

Meet the startups

Some startups from this fresh batch serve energy customers directly, while others enable service providers to adopt clean energy in homes and communities. No matter the path, we see their potential.

Efficiator (The Netherlands) offers a one-stop solution to implement drastic energy efficiency measures to consumers and homes through one comprehensive app, while Fritts (The Netherlands) empowers people to easily go solar and benchmark their solar performance in order to secure their investment returns.

For off-grid communities, SolarCreed (Nigeria) provides pay-as-you-go energy solutions, while SolarPipo (Uganda) builds an online sales platform for solar systems. And Solar Captus (Australia) builds a radically different tool set for energy companies to sell solar energy, using machine learning on satellite imagery.

The other startups are working on management and optimization tools to make clean energy systems smarter, more reliable, and more efficient. Hero Balancer (Netherlands) is a self-learning building management system that takes care of heating and comfort by combining renewable energy sources. OneWatt (Philippines) is a smart energy and storage system for small and medium-sized businesses that can reduce electricity costs.

For industrial battery systems, Bamomas (Finland) provides a cloud-based, industry 4.0 monitoring and management solution. Sensfix (Germany) is the first of its kind—a fully automated online aggregator of IoT assets and marketplace for fast and low-cost maintenance and repair of smart city assets.

We’ll keep you posted on their progress throughout the program, but for now, we wish the best of luck to these 9 startups!

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