Julie Donders

“I just wanna sleep.”

‘A different angle of storytelling’ Robert-Jan Spiekerman wanted to show us. Together with Robert-Jan we’re working on our documentary format and we stumbled upon this.

‘Aberrican Me Part 1’ tells the story of Ross Capicchioni, a skateboarder from the suburbs of Detroit. For the first 20 seconds, we thought we were just watching an ordinary skateboard video with 360s and flip tricks. He starts telling about his friend that wants him to drive him to the East side of Detroit; also known as a place “where police don’t stop and get out the car and if there’s gunshots they’ll wait until everything is clear and come to take your body of the streets and that’s it.”

For some reason we were sucked into his story and we kept listening. It unfolds into a miraculous story that at some point takes a whole different turn. It froze our minds once it was over. And then to mention that this video is actually a commercial for a skateboarding site. Truly a different angle of storytelling. Definitely an inspiration for our documentary.

Aberrican Me is part of The Berrics, an award winning skateboarding site.

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