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“I sold almost everything for the Accelerator Program”

Part 3
Interview with Pastbook’s Stefano Cutello

Hi, who are you?
Ciao, I’m Stefano Cutello.

Where are you from?
Milan, Italy – but at the moment I’m living in a container in Amsterdam.

What is the name of your company?

Can you tell me what you do in one sentence?
PastBook is the place where you can rediscover the highlights of the moments you share everyday.

How did you come up with this idea?
I was sitting on my sofa with my father and he was showing me old photo-albums with all the photos of when he was young. Then I thought: will I ever be able to provide the same experience to my children? Everything about my past is saved somewhere in the cloud! I knew instantly that this was a great opportunity for me, so I started PastBook.
Before I joined Rockstart I worked at Ebay. In fact I resigned to be here. I was the manager of a development team.I have sold my car and my motorbike to be part of Rockstart Accelerator and I’m also trying to sell my house. I go all the way to make this company a success.

How did you find out about Rockstart Accelerator?

We won a startup contest in Italy and after that we had some conversations with VC’s. When I started looking for opportunities abroad, I applied to any kind of accelerator around the globe. I discovered about Rockstart when I saw  a post in the Facebook group “Italian Startup Scene”,  a very active and fast growing startup community in Italy.

How did the program improve your business?
In the first few days of the Accelerator Program we spoke with a lot of people during all sorts of mentor sessions. At that time we didn’t appreciate all the input because we just wanted to spend more time on our product. But after a while we saw the benefits of all the mentoring.

How do you benefit from the mentor program coaching?
Thanks to some key mentors we now know more about the different aspects of the business, from legal to product, from strategy to marketing. And more important, we were introduced to some important investors.

Demo Day is on the way. How do you prepare?
Demo Day is very important to us. We want to make a good impression on the investors. We prepare by practicing our pitch.

Will you participate in the additional three-month Summer Program?
Sure! I can’t wait to go to Silicon Valley and show all the progress we will make during the summer!

Do you have one insight you wanna share with other startups?
My tag line is: “hard work is the way to success”. For me it’s not a job, It’s my life, my first passion. You have to chase your goals, take risk and always think BIG.

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