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In the Spotlight: Bundles introduces the future of managing household tasks

**These are the 10 Smart Energy Startups participating in the first Smart Energy Accelerator program in Europe. Over the next two weeks we will be shining the spotlight on each team to give you a better understanding of who they are, what they’re doing and why they ended up at Rockstart Accelerator. Keep an eye out for the team that gets your energy gears going!**

Today we are introducing the founder of the Dutch startup Bundles (formerly known as Skeefer) – Marcel Peters. Bundles makes quality home appliances – like washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers – accessible for everyone by enabling pay-per-use models and thereby contributing to the circular economy. Learn more about Bundles and the future of managing our household tasks!

1. Explain your business in one sentence.

Bundles offers sustainable household appliances in a pay-per-use model with an operational lease at near-retail costs.

2. Why did you apply to Rockstart in the first place and tell us some of your expectations of the program.

Having spent 10 years in the corporate world, an accelerator program first and foremost pushes me out of my comfort zone.
I expect the program to help me find new perspectives for making better decisions.

3. Tell us more about how Bundle works.

All home appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, fridges or freezers are used on a weekly basis and consume energy, detergent, water, etc. Bundles works like this: we buy the appliance and lease it to the customer who pays for use. Together we make sure we get the maximum value out of the appliance – the appliance is used properly as well as it is maintained well. This is achieved by signing an operational lease. Proper maintenance is very important. The total cost of use and the impact on the environment is for a large part a consequence of how we use the appliance.

4. What problem Bundles solves for customers?

The problem Bundles solves is the investment hurdle that customers experience when buying home appliances and their limited resources or capabilities for the maintenance of these appliances. In other words: the customers might not have the funds to buy what they want in terms of home appliances, they don’t know how to use/maintain them properly, so we solve this problem for them.

5. What is your vision for Bundles?

My vision for 2020 is that the majority of households use home appliances with a service contract. Moreover, home appliances are managed taking into consideration the environmental costs.

6. Give us some insight into your understanding of Smart Energy: what’s the future of Smart Energy? where do you see it going? what’s the role of Smart Energy in today’s peoples lives?

Smart Energy is everything that creates new solutions for the next generation energy industry and it’s dominated by renewable energy generation and energy efficiency. All new solutions will have a huge IT and customer engagement component compared to current industry solutions where customer engagement to Smart Energy is hardly visible.

7. What’s the main challenge you are trying to cope with at this phase?

Understanding the potential barriers for customers in adopting the new type of service contracts for their household appliances.

8. Give us a fun, random fact about yourselves.

I’m addicted to my electric car 🙂

9. Finish this sentence. The path to success is..

…filled with obstacles that one can choose to enjoy.

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