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Internet of Energy Things

Friday 20th November 2015 marks the closing date of the successful The Things Network Kickstarter campaign, with Rockstart as one of their partners. We were at the closing event with Freerk Bisschop, program director of the Rockstart Smart Energy Accelerator launching next February in Amsterdam. Freerk will be using platforms such as The Things Network as a way to bring the InternetofThings (IoT) into the energy field, creating a phenomenon he calls the InternetofEnergyThings (IoET).

Success of the Things Network
After building an Internet of Things (IoT) network for the whole of Amsterdam in just 6 weeks with a new type of wireless network using a technology called LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide-area network), companies from Sao Paulo, London, Sydney, and many more started showing interest in a roll out as well. In order to accelerate this growth even further and support the global teams, The Things Network team decided to design their own equipment that helps build the network for 20% of the cost compared to other products currently on the market. They raised 295,331 with 934 backers, twice (!) as much as their funding goal. Both the networks hardware and software will be open source.

“This opens up lots of new application possibilities for the energy sector”, Freerk says. “For example, I see a huge opportunity when it comes to smarter energy distribution. By having the energy sources communicate with the electrical devices, it can tell them when it is producing most of its energy, hence the best time to use it. This makes energy distribution more efficient because less energy needs to be stored. The more things you add to this network, the more use cases open up. When you also link up the windows to this grid, they can tell the heater when more sunlight is coming into the building so it knows when to turn its power down a notch.”

I call this marriage of IT and energy the InternetofEnergyThings. Although there is a lot of discussion around the high level of energy consumption in the IT sector, which surely is true, I believe that some of the answers to our energy problems can be found within this same sector.

Lets accelerate
For our 3rd Smart Energy Accelerator we are actively looking for startups that are tapping into the IoET. With their ambition and being unprejudiced, there are great opportunities for collaborating with our partners. For example with Cofely, who has access to flexible energy users & sources (which they maintain and operate for clients). One of our alumni, Capacity Energy, is already working with them. Thanks to the available data they can offer their service around energy flexibility management, making it possible to bring down the energy bills of their customers & optimize use of renewable electricity. And that is just one of the many opportunities of the IoET.

Grab your chance to also be a part of The Things Network and apply for the Rockstart Smart Energy Accelerator here.

Written by Manon Michelle Monhemius

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