Introducing Talent Pool

“9-5 is old school.  Startups can take over your life.  If you want to make a difference, join one!”  Mark Studholme – CROWDYHOUSE

We’ve got some great news for anyone whose ever wanted to work for a Rockstart startup.  Today Rockstart is launching Talent Pool – a new HR resource for Rockstart Accelerator alumni companies and the people who want to work for them.

Talent Pool is a one-stop-shop for positions in design, growth-hacking and development at Rockstart-fueled startups.  Candidates can easily submit their CV to be considered for any role they’re qualified for.  There’s even an open application if there’s not a relevant job opportunity available.  Rockstart started Talent Pool because of all the talented job applicants we saw every day.  While we don’t have enough positions to hire everyone, our startups are another story.  As they grow, they find they need sharp candidates quickly.  By creating a pool of great CVs, we hope to make the hiring process smarter and faster.

Want to get started?  If you’re a candidate looking for a new challenge and are ready to join the startup rollercoaster, check out the job categories in design, growth and development and sign up today to get recruited.  If there’s a fit with one of the startups, they’ll contact you to talk about their offer. There are fulltime positions and internships available.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Rockstart’s Talent Pool is powered by Recruitee

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