Meet the 2017 Rockstart Launchtrack AI Startups

We’re excited to introduce you to our current startups for the first edition of Launchtrack AI! This new pre-acceleration program focuses on helping talented individuals with deep technical knowledge in bringing their AI-driven business ideas to fruition. In the 30-day intensive program, the founders are guided through the validation process by a team of experienced mentors, ensuring that their technologies solve real-world problems and have the capacity to become viable businesses.  

“Technical founders often come from a tech-heavy university background, so the Launchtrack program is helping them with the first steps of the commercial application,” explains Program Manager Karin van Soest. “What’s great about the Launchtrack AI Program and the AI Accelerator working closely together is that the program can act as a gateway to the Accelerator once they nail their validation and find a commercial application for their technology.

“AI technologies require so much time and work to get them to a stage where they have an MVP; a pre-acceleration program helps
the startups to validate their ideas before they start developing algorithms for their products. Launchtrack provides them with the intensive and structured program to do just that, fast.”

The startups are right in the thick of the validation process, where they’re shifting from problem validation to problem-solution fit. With the founders having completed customer interviews to inform their data, and combining that data with the knowledge gained in the workshops provided by mentors from various industries, they’re moving right along through the pre-accelerator program and show no signs of slowing down! Take a look below for a rundown of our 10 promising Launchtrack AI startups, and make sure you join us on September 28 for the Launchtrack AI Demo Day.

Meet the Teams

This batch of early-stage startups is a diverse group consisting of local Amsterdam-based teams, as well as teams from around the globe. Each are leveraging AI technologies to address challenges in health, to make improvements to the workplace, and to add innovation in peer-to-peer markets. Here is a current snapshot of the Launchtrack AI teams and their startup ideas—but expect this to change as they validate or pivot during the program.

It is a common misconception that humans re a better judge of people’s performance than computers, The Recruitment Lab (the Netherlands) aims to break the status quo and use AI to select the best candidate for a job opening, while Tasko.ai (the Netherlands) is radically changing the landscape of microwork by making it reliable, efficient, and ultimately impacting the sharing economy towards an inclusive future of work.

In the health space, Healthplus.ai (the Netherlands) is leveraging AI tools to help improve efficiency in the medical industry and AnaBot (Moldova) is developing a digital well-being coach that will help you assess the area(s) of improvement for your personal and professional development.

In the realm of marketing and e-commerce, GeoSpark [which used to be Holo] (India/U.S.) is utilizing AI location-based technology to solve the issue of battery drain during location tracking and many other applications in enterprise such as location based credit card fraud prevention. LeadLabel (Netherlands) has completely pivoted from their original focus of promoting purchasing through influencer content, and is now validating qualitative competitor analysis for marketing strategy and preventative technology for negative online WoM. MOLI (Nigeria) is serving a huge market of (P2P) micro-borrowers and lenders using blockchain and .

Representing the academic startup ecosystem, Dipper Stream (the Netherlands) a team of AI PhD graduates from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) that  is making an autonomic server for administrative consultancy and monitoring, and DataVeras (Belgium) is working on a new learning paradigm based on dynamic networks with highly interactive and transparent decision making. Finally, Reall (Poland) seeks to utilize AI to facilitate social connections.

We will keep you posted on the progress of these ten startups as they go through our inaugural AI Launchtrack. We look forward to being a part of their development and wish them the best of luck!

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