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Meet the second batch of Colombia Web & Mobile Startups

Rockstart’s second Web & Mobile Accelerator program in Colombia has started! After a very challenging but exciting selection process, the Rockstart Colombia team has selected 10 promising startups that joined us in Bogota for the 150-day program.

“We have very high expectations for this second Batch in Colombia, our network is becoming stronger every day and we have a community that is increasing in size. This will undoubtedly help us make a better program for these amazing startups, which we are working towards every day in the region” said Felipe Santamaria, Managing Director of Rockstart Colombia.

Check out the ten startups from Central and South America, and Europe that have made it to the program.

Comida en la U (Colombia) allows teachers and students to order food anywhere on campus. It positively impacts the economy of universities, digitizing access to products and allowing students to generate income.

Crowdsquad Influence (México) uses the power of Artificial Intelligence and proprietary algorithms to create micro influencer marketing campaigns on networks like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. With Crowdsquad you can create, manage, and measure campaigns for social networks, boosting the best advertising method: Word-of-mouth.

Datawifi (Colombia) is an artificial Intelligence solution that helps people automatically access free Wi-Fi in Wi-Fi Zones. This promotes digital inclusion in a massive way and leading people to have public access to information.

Fixme (España) is a physiotherapy appointment booking platform. On the platform, the physiotherapists have a professional profile where they can offer their services and where patients can make online bookings that are immediate, fast and user-friendly.

Houspoon (Colombia) is a platform that connects people who enjoy cooking and organizing food-related events with people who would like to socialize and have a unique eating experience that traditional restaurant do not offer for a fair price. This platform helps to build a friendly community of like-minded people.

HoyTrabajas (Colombia) is a service that provides direct communication between non-professional job seekers and employers mainly through WhatsApp in less than 24 hours. Candidates are able to get a response for their application quickly while not investing too much money and time on their job search.

Investopi (Colombia) is a financial education platform where anyone can learn how to invest their own money which significantly reduces investment risks. The program is designed in an e-learning environment with interactive lessons, live classes, and personal advice online.

Linked Ai (Colombia) seeks to provide labeling solutions for AI projects. It is focused on facilitating their clients integration into the AI revolution.

Peewah (Colombia) is a platform that provides an agile and simplified method for users to manage their events from the sale of digital tickets to the automatization of the registration process to the sending of attendance certificates and satisfaction surveys can now all be managed through the internet.

Tusdatos (Colombia) builds profiles of people and companies through open and closed data through the input and consolidation of a security report that is based on background and findings. Each report has legally binding evidence that users can validate through the date and time of the query.

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