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Meet the startups driving the transformation in Clean Energy

Introducing the Rockstart Energy 2020 startups

It’s been an exciting, action-packed start to 2021 here at Rockstart, and it’s hard to believe that spring is already just around the corner. As we welcome the new season and the many exciting developments that come with it, we’re also introducing nine startups to Rockstart Energy. In the last quarter of 2020, Rockstart launched its 20M+ Energy venture capital fund, backed by institutional investors, European family offices, informal investors and the government. Through its Energy fund, Rockstart invests in seed-stage startups contributing to the energy transition. These nine startups are the fund’s first investments.

From smart grid technology to carbon reduction, these founders represent six segments in the energy industry and five different countries. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to the Rockstart portfolio! Keep reading to learn more about the founders and how they are shaping the future of green energy.

Electric Mobility

This year, we are thrilled to welcome three startups working in electric mobility. First up is Bia. Based in the Netherlands, Bia’s AI-powered platform forecasts charging flexibility and provides EV Asset Operators with data services and optimized charging. Their solution integrates directly with EV chargers, EVs, and the power grid, using AI to forecast charging flexibility and to deploy optimized charging commands.

“Bia is ready to scale internationally and working with Rockstart was the obvious choice for us. They have an extensive European cleantech network, both for commercial growth and funding, and the internal expertise to help us shape our international growth strategy. Our aim is to work closely with Rockstart, deploy our GTM strategy and raise funds that are aligned with our shared vision. We believe that Rockstart gives us credibility in the European market as a young start up with great promise and potential.” – Bia

Next up is eDRV, another Dutch team who is shaping the future of electric mobility. Through their SaaS, eDRV makes it easy to operate charging networks with a full range of functionality for electric vehicle drivers. They offer customer-centric features such as zero-touch, app-less charging, and API-first solutions built for integrations with building and energy management systems.

“We joined the Rockstart Energy program because of its great mentor network, and the ability for us to work with an investor that can continue to invest in our success now and also in the future. Few accelerators came close to the kind of mentor network and investor access that Rockstart offers. In little over a month, we’ve already seen more investor interest, thanks to Rockstart.”
– eDRV

Last but not least, Soolutions is a Dutch platform for (potential) EV drivers and businesses to find information, advice and execution for all EV charging infrastructure related needs for home, work and public. They are enabling the large scale deployment of EV solutions and driving sustainability with their EV charging services.

“As part of our longer term growth strategy we have been looking at a long term partner who could help us professionalize our business, provide expertise on all aspects of our business, prepare us for our first investment round and find the right partners for future growth and investments. With Rockstart we have found the partner to get ready for the next phase of our growth.”
– Soolutions

Energy supply optimization

Joining us from the UK is Advanced Infrastructure, whose team is helping to optimize energy supply by tracing power flows and carbon emissions. Their technology can link energy consumption choices to their impact on generation, transmission and distribution, and tell businesses and households their exact carbon emissions in real-time.

“As a UK-based SME, it was important for us to maintain strong links with Europe. We joined Rockstart because of their excellent network of mentors, alumni and partners in the European energy sector. They have a great track record of coaching successful energy startups and we’re looking forward to working with them!” – Advanced Infrastructure

Data centers efficiency

We’re happy to welcome Helio from Switzerland. Helio empowers anyone who is using technology to solve the world’s most complex challenges, democratizing compute in the process. Their open platform connects idling capacity from existing data centers with rising demand, enabling their partners and customers to more sustainably execute large scale workloads such as machine learning, 3D rendering and beyond.

“[We mainly joined] because of access to capital, Rockstart’s network of investors and advisors. We would love to accelerate Helio’s journey to a hyper-growing company and have fun :)” – Helio

Carbon Reduction

Our next great addition is Klimate, a Danish startup empowering companies to compensate their emissions through portfolios of carbon removal projects. The platform aggregates and brokers the best projects ranging from forestry and soil sequestration to biochar and direct air capture.

“We know a lot of great people who have either been a part of Rockstart or are directly involved, and we are really impressed with the overall reputation. It meant a lot to us when making the decision that Rockstart has been running an energy vertical for a longer period, as we are really here for the network and experience that comes from this. Furthermore, we really just hope to develop as a team and find the best possible way to work together.” – Klimate

Renewable Energy Production

Joining us from the Netherlands is Technology Catalogue. Technology Catalogue is supporting the energy transition by providing a platform that bridges the gap between technology suppliers, end-users and experts, and facilitates technological innovations towards a more sustainable energy sector. Their platform serves as a one-stop shop for technological innovations in the global energy sector.

“We are growing rapidly as a result of our expansion strategies last year. Still, there are opportunities to accelerate this growth further and the Rockstart Accelerator programme is helping us in all aspects. Rockstart staff, mentors & network hold up the mirror and give valuable suggestions on how we can improve, and we are already seeing the impact.”
-Technology Catalogue

Smart Grid

We’re also glad to welcome OKTO, a Danish startup who is disrupting the smart grid segment. OKTO has developed a non-invasive IoT device with a proprietary sensing system that can be deployed and retrofitted onto any transformer. Their technology allows DSOs to get real-time insights into temperature, specific load strains (DC offset, phase imbalance, harmonic load) and transformer condition.

“When joining Rockstart we were at a stage, where we needed an international network and competent mentoring to drive our company to become scale-ready. Rockstart has so far proved to deliver on point.” – OKTO

Smart energy storage

Last but not least, we’re thrilled to welcome Starke Energy from Spain. Starke Energy offers integrated technical and financial solutions that enable local smart energy networks by optimizing battery health and retrieving local congestion through AI and energy trading services. It can integrate existing installations into its network, or install and operate new batteries through a plug-and-play approach.

“For Starke Energy, the main reason to join Rockstart was to get access to the high quality network of coaches and industry leaders to help shape and launch our storage services. And after two months in the programme, the quality and commitment of the team and the network has surpassed our expectations. Rockstart is on a whole different level compared to other programmes we know about – it makes a difference, fast.” – Starke Energy

We look forward to working together closely with these teams over the coming months as we prepare them to pitch and connect them to strategic partners through our planned investor events and community events. They are an impressive group of innovators and we can’t wait to see them grow!

Stay tuned for more startup news here on our blog or on our news room.

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