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Postcron: First startup to get funded in Rockstart Accelerator

In an accelerator you gain speed. A great idea makes ends meet and in combination with the nurturing hands of Rockstart Accelerator, success is right around the corner! Postcron knew they would have to work hard to get to where they dreamed of going, never did it occur to them their dream would be accelerated the way it did. An app that is created for busy people who interact with their audience on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Postcron provides a scheduling tool that is easy to use. An app that is run by a team of hard working people who all aspire the same ambitions. An app that is used by thousands of individuals and brands such as Nike, Sony, L’Oreal and MTV. As if this wasn’t enough recognition for their hard work, Postcron turned out to be one of the most fast accelerating startups with the Rockstart program to receive funding after only six weeks in the program!


Born and raised in Argentine, Postcron founder Alejandro Rigatuso aimed for ways to optimize the social media relationship between companies and its customers. Who would have known that owning a small laptop shop in Argentina would eventually lead to raising funds for a startup in Amsterdam, simply because they offered setting up Facebook pages and manage them as well? Having to manage these Facebook pages on a daily base turned out to be very time consuming and Alejandro decided he would need an automatic tool to increase his productivity. “Postcron was born to solve my own needs.”

Who could have known that heading to Silicon Valley would have Amsterdam as its valuable detour by entering the Rockstart Accelerator program? Or how Mike Lee, with an impressive background in the tech-world, would inspire them throughout the program? How Postcron would raise funds within two months? Up for anything and ready to take a chance in Amsterdam, where Alejandro quickly learned: “Give your life for the startup. You are going to commit thousands of days to this project, so better you know why you are doing this. Know the why. Solve a problem. Give 100%!” And he did…


When reading the ad by Rockstart Accelerator while in Argentine, Alejandro decided to take a chance and go for it. A life-changing decision; gaining speed in a way every startup dreams about. “Rockstart has raised our bar, our ambition, to compete at a global level!” Dreams take hard work and willing to do anything necessary, he followed up on his mentors’ advice by taking English speaking lessons, which he would profit from during the many investor pitch presentations. Sleepless nights, working late and programming as if their life depended on it. You reap what you sow and being nearly 6 weeks in the Rockstart program Postcron raised €100.000 from Vidoze.com, which doubled their team members. Postcron, now consisting of four energetic team members, reached over a million of visitors between May and September. Within a year they have published more than 40 million posts and continuously look at opportunities to simplify social media publishing across different platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc). Focused on making cross-media super-efficient to save time and energy, and to focus the energy on building strong communities around a brand, Postcron is here to stay, to build and to accelerate!

For anyone who aspires to walk down the same successful path as Postcron, Alejandro has some great advice: “You have to be a maker, not a talker and be the best at whatever you’re doing. Think big,  always in terms of millions of users and reach for a big growing market. And third; always remember that you are going to have a lot of ups and downs: tenacity is the key. Keep moving; keep trying.”

Postcron has not gone by unnoticed, check out the post PulsoSocial published! Keep a close eye on them via http://www.postcron.com

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