Renowned Startup Guru Steve Blank Meets the Rockstart Accelerator Startups

Steve Blank visited Rockstart Accelerator on July 6th 2012, where he met with the ten startups from the accelerator and held mentoring sessions with them.

Steve Blank is a renowned serial entrepreneur and investor in Sillicon Valley. In 2005, he published the legendary book, The Four Steps to Epiphany, in which he introduced the Customer Development methodology – a natural precursor of the Lean Startup and one of the Bibles of any tech entrepreneur.

The video below showcases the major points made by Steve Blank:

The session was part of an open event attended by mentors and friends of Rockstart Accelerator, with Frans Nauta playing the role of Moderator. A central part of this event was the session with the ten startups, where each founder pitched to Steve, after which he asked key questions to the founders and offered his thoughts on each startup. Prompted by the specific nature and problems of the ten companies he provided general guiding principles and meaningful examples from his own entrepreneurial experience. Part of the discussion focused on the special culture of Silicon Valley, with comparisons made to the European and Dutch ones.

A second video and post with the highlights of the discussion will follow.

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