Julie Donders

Rockstart Alumni 3D Hubs Raise $4.5 Million To Bring Local 3D Printing To Your Doorstep

Rockstart Accelerator alumni 3D Hubs, one of our fastest growing startups that has set out to build a global network of 3D printers, just announced that it has completed a $4.5 Million funding round led by Balderton Capital. Balderton Capital is the leading European Venture Capital investor in technology start-ups. Mark Evans, General Partner at Balderton Capital, will join the company board.

3D printing is a manufacturing technology that allows people to print solid three-dimensional objects from digital models by adding layers of material on top of each other. 3D Hubs’ online platform connects the owners of 3D printers with people who want to 3D print and is making strides in its mission to make 3D printing locally accessible to anyone. 3D Hubs joined Rockstart Accelerator’s Web/Mobile Program in 2013.

Since launching in August 2013, 3D Hubs has become the world’s largest and fastest growing network of 3D printers with over 7,000 print locations in 140 different countries. With 30,000 prints made and more than 75,000 unique 3D models uploaded in the past year, 3D Hubs’ success has proven that local 3D printing is quickly becoming a viable alternative to centralised mass production. The current network gives over 1 billion people access to a 3D printer within 10 miles of their home. 3D Hubs is currently based at Rockstart Spaces in Amsterdam.

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