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Rockstart Alumnus Pixyle, the combination of two passions: Artificial Intelligence and Fashion

Svetlana Kordumova, a regular online shopper and Artificial Intelligence Ph.D. graduate from The University of Amsterdam, identified some problems that made her online shopping experience less enjoyable. She had always wanted to combine the knowledge she gained during her studies with her passion for fashion and to build something on her own which would allow her to have a more dynamic day to day. That’s how Pixyle was born, a visual intelligence tool that improves the customers e-commerce experience.

It’s all about accuracy

Pixyle’s positioning is summed up in one word: accuracy. Svetlana’s goal was to build the most accurate AI tool for e-commerce fashion. A tool that could help online shoppers find what they were looking for much more easily, while also saving time for companies by minimizing catalog labeling. While other, similar companies work across multiple data sources, Pixyle decided to focus specifically on fashion data in order to create a fashion-focused intelligence tool. Therefore, making it even more accurate for its specific tasks. Their tool is publicly available for everyone to test it in their demo page: https://demo.pixyle.ai/

Nowadays, Pixyle is a well-constituted startup formed by a talented team of professionals, working with different clients from the fashion industry. But, to get to this point, they had to go through all kinds of challenges.

Rockstart and a new chapter for Pixyle

After spending months developing the right technology using AI and releasing its first version, Svetlana had many doubts about which was the right way to launch the product into the market. It was then, an old classmate recommended that she should apply to Rockstarts AI program in order to get the support she needed and continue her entrepreneurship. After some research, she found out that Rockstart had a specialized program for AI. Svetlana was looking for a program where she could get help from industry experts to further develop her startup, she applied to the program and got accepted.

Thanks to the fruitful advice from both the Rockstart team and mentors, what was initially conceived as a B2C idea pivoted into a B2B one. Instead of working together with their competitors to implement the technology they developed, they decided to sell it. An interesting turn that Stlevana never thought about but that worked. Now, with valuable investors onboard, Pixyle is currently focused on meeting the goals of its marketing plan and continues working to improve the technology which powers the solutions they have been able to develop.

The Netherlands: a friendly country for all kinds of AI startups

The first thing that Svetlana realized when she started her Ph.D. in AI from The University of Amsterdam, is the level of knowledge that exists in The Netherlands. The country invests significant amounts in the research and creation of new technologies, which helps in the development of not only great ideas but the people behind them.

Not only fashion will embrace AI

Svetlana strongly believes that AI is one of the recent top technology developments. She has a special fascination for how developing the right technology will let computers predict and make smarter decisions that will help us in our daily activities. Not only with online shopping, but many processes through most industries will become automated thanks to AI. However, she points out that creativity will never be replaced, that’s something no algorithm can do. In the future, she believes that people won’t have to worry about taking on the more intensive processes within a project, instead, humans will be able to focus more on the creative elements instead of spending time doing all the calculations.

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