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Nine startups from five countries, spanning three continents have been selected to start Rockstarts Smart Energy Program. Talented women and men from across the smart energy field will enter the program to work on their products and energy solutions, ranging from grid management based on machine learning to a mobile grid battery. These startups spend 180 days working in a high-value startup accelerator program with smart energy industry experts, investors & corporates.

Each startup will work directly with two dedicated core mentors and have access to over 70 other mentors and industry experts. The Smart Energy Program will put them on the international stage. Through the Smart Energy Program, the startups will gain valuable knowledge and insight into the sector while accelerating their startup.

“The startups will gain quite a few things from our Smart Energy program. If I were to summarize: they will become an investable company,” sais Program Director Freerk Bisschop. “This breaks down into different elements as it requires the startups to shape their plan on how to build their business in a manner that investors will understand and appreciate.”

The Program

The startups focus on multiple sectors of smart energy. This allows the startups to not only benefit from the accelerator program but also from one another. The program ensures that this takes place through two main elements – Deep Dive Week and the Continuous Track. Deep Dive Weeks will happen once a month and take place a total of five times throughout the accelerator program. The aim of this week is from the startups to work on tailored events and group sessions at the Rockstart offices in Amsterdam.

“Deep Dive Week will be packed with training, meetups, work sessions and more. Every deep dive week will see the startups come together, to learn fast and create momentum. Each Deep Dive will focus on a specific theme that will help the startups grow and scale,” said Bisschop.

The Continuous Track will focus on mentoring, team development and financing for the startup. This will be achieved through coaching by core mentors and Program Director Freerk Bisschop.

Looking Ahead

During the program, the startups will work with experts in the field of smart energy. They will get the chance to work with energy mentors, investors and energy partners involved in the program. The startups joining the program will receive a minimum of €20,000 cash. In addition to this, all startups will gain access to resources worth over €70,000.

This Smart Energy Program will allow startups to scale-up their ideas and product. The Program team is run by Freerk Bisschop. Bisschop is a venture developer in sustainable energy and cleantech. He has over 30 years of experience working in science, consulting, government, and management. Additionally, Bisschop founded, grew and sold a green energy company. Together with 70 smart energy mentors, investors, and energy partners Bisschop will advise and consult with the startups. Rockstart has also partnered with YES!Delft and InnoEnergy to provide the startups with the strongest ecosystem within Europe for energy and cleantech.

“This partnership not only was able to offer each startup the best program for them but also showed that the Netherlands is a great place in Europe for Smart Energy startups to build their business,” Said Bisschop. This partnership should that there is a strong network an market open to innovation. The Dutch ecosystem is a great place for smart energy startups.”

Meet the teams

The nine startups taking part in the Smart Energy 2018 program come from multiple backgrounds and originate from across three continents.

Greener Power Solutions (The Netherlands) supplies temporary green power that can be both on and off the grid. It is able to provide this through mobile industrial batteries. Through this Greener Power Solutions is able to offer a cleaner and quiet alternative to diesel generators.

Instant Energy (Nigeria) enables people to use a mobile app or web-based platform to buy electricity units 24/7 and simplifies the management of energy. This brings power usage motoring to users fingertips, allowing for more transparency and consumer independence.

Fibersail (Portugal) is a shape sensing system that monitors and analyzes the shape, condition, and behavior of windmill blades. Its fiber optic sensors approach allows for a simple and easy integration across the entire length of any critical structure in addition to the monitoring of its precise shape and behavior.

Mynergy (India) offers international financing solutions for distributed renewable energy project across India. Through this, it is able to provide funding for projects in clean energy, rooftop solar systems, microgrids, and energy efficiency.

NetAnders (The Netherlands) provides real-time data, based on an energy flow model, that provides an accurate approximation of different sustainable energy sources that are connected to the Dutch energy system.

Dexter Energy (The Netherlands) helps large companies actively engage in energy transition through three solutions: forecasting, demand response, and monitoring. This leads to emission reduction and cost optimization.

Gridhound (Germany) offers a solution for a cost-effective monitoring of power distribution grids. Through its system, Gridhoud is able to actively accelerate energy transition and enable distribution system operators to optimize and fail-safe grid operations.

FlexiDAO (Spain) aims to make energy markets reliable, affordable and transparent for everyone. Through its software, energy retailers are able to automatically manage, control, and optimize data and electricity flow from consumers assets.

AMMP (Germany) is a monitoring and management platform that provides real-time insights and long-term analytics for operators and portfolio managers of off-grid energy systems. It allows users to obtain an integrated view of asset performance within a single visualization platform. The platform integrates data streams from a variety of manufacturers and technologies: solar PV, battery/inverter systems, diesel generation, and smart metering. Advanced analytical algorithms are applied to the data streams in real time, delivering high-impact cost-saving insights, alerting and reporting functionalities.

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