Rockstart Colombia Announces Web & Mobile Accelerator

We’ve got more exciting news: Applications for our first Web & Mobile accelerator program in Colombia have opened! The program itself will kick off in October 2017. Founders from all over the world are invited to apply to this program that helps startups fine-tune their businesses and prepare for international scaling through mentoring, workspace and access to capital. With our new venture in Colombia, we want to support the explosive growth of the tech industry in Colombia and in Latin America in general.

“The startup ecosystem in the region has been welcoming us with open arms—more proof that the tech industry in Colombia is ready to take off,” said Felipe Santamaria, the managing director of Rockstart Colombia. “Entrepreneurs, investors, and the greater community have been nothing but supportive, giving us high hopes for the application process and our inaugural program. We are constantly building our network, and have attracted mentors such as Juan Salcedo (Tappsi), José Vélez (PayU), and Alejandro Gutierrez (Gamma Sigma Investments). Now we are beginning our active search for the top-quality talent that will define our first program in Latin America.”

In the coming months, we will be hosting two types of events throughout Colombia to attract this talent—Rockstart Answers and Rockstart Quick Talk. Rockstart Answers is an international event series that will take place in Bogotá and Medellín. Each event will involve networking and startup pitches to an experienced audience of entrepreneurs, executives, and investors, providing direct feedback, support, and great contacts. Rockstart Quick Talk is a mentor session series in Barranquilla, Medellín, Armenia, and Cali where startups will have valuable one-on-one time with the Rockstart team to discuss their business plans. Startups are invited to participate in these events as part of the application process. Rockstart Colombia is also actively seeking talent by participating in various events throughout Latin America to find the best startups in the international scene!

After applications close on July 2, our international team will evaluate and interview potential participants. Factors to be evaluated include the strength of the startup’s team, the product on offer, and whether Web & Mobile is really the best solution for the problem at hand. Rockstart will look at applicants from diverse industries in order to encourage innovation during the program itself. Innovation is the key to success for any Web or Mobile offering.

In October, the ten selected startups for the Web & Mobile accelerator will be invited to Bogotá for a five-month accelerator program. Startups will receive €15,000 in cash along with an in-kind investment that the program provides. Shared office space in Bogotá, support from expert mentors, and access to €600,000 worth of product discounts are just part of the perks of the program. In return, Rockstart will receive an 8 percent stake in each startup entering the program.

As was mentioned before, we will be accepting applications until July 2nd, 2017 and the program begins October, 2017 in Bogotá. More information on our track record can be found at Rockstart Accelerator Statistics. Startups who are ready to take their company to the next level should apply now at Rockstart Colombia! We look forward to keeping you updated on this new venture, so make sure you continue to check in with our blog!

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