Julie Donders

Rockstart Cast #2

Startup founders and fans who stumble upon great stuff. That’s what the Rockstart Cast is about. In our second issue, it’s our Rockstart Accelerator co-founder James Digby who shares his latest finds from his all-American trip. Besides being immersed in entrepreneurship through his activities in the Rockstart Accelerator and as EU Facilitator of Startup Weekend, James is mentoring on the advisory board of a number of fledgling startups.

Could you name a book that you recently read?
Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin.

Who or what impressed you lately?
Steve Jobs

Describe your latest find:
Badgeville – an awesome startup from the Valley in the loyalty space. It’s a disruptive company in a very old and traditional world.

Which artist did you recently listen to?
Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. I’ve been driving around the States, and this song is on all the time. I think I may know the lyrics off the top of my head now.

What’s your favorite coffee spot?
Peets in Palo Alto – recently spent a lot of my time there, and it was great to soak up the awesome atmosphere.

Thanks James!

This is James:

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