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Rockstart Impact’s partnership with SAFAL Partners to support Nepali entrepreneurs

The idea of entrepreneurship is not new in Nepal; however, the idea of joining efforts to help entrepreneurs, is. Rockstart Impact was the first business acceleration program in Nepal, and now, it aims to further enhance Nepal’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and this time not alone, but in collaboration with other players in the market. The program formed a partnership with DFID and Nepal Communitere early this year. Through this partnership, they aim to not only help companies accelerate and become investment ready but also lift the companies that are at an earlier stage to be able to succeed in the Nepali market.

The partnership with DFID and Nepal Communitere focuses on helping enterprises at the stage before acceleration phase, but there was still a need for a collaboration which would help out the entrepreneurs after the investment stage. That is where SAFAL Partners came in. Through these partnerships, Rockstart Impact aims to support the Nepali founders throughout their first 1000 days of their entrepreneurial journey. Rockstart Impact could not have found a better partner to accomplish this than SAFAL Partners. “We’ve known the partners of SAFAL Partners already for years, as they were mentors for the Rockstart Impact program. As we have the same vision, this partnership is a way to formalize our collaboration” revealed Victoria Ous, the Program Director of Rockstart Impact.

SAFAL Partners is Nepal’s first operations-focused investment firm. SAFAL Partners works with Nepali companies in need of improving their operations to attract investments for their growth. They believe that investment is required to run a good business, but to grow a great business it “requires operational know-how, discipline and excellence – attributes that most companies with investment lack.” According to Ashutosh Tiwari the Managing Director of SAFAL Partners, this “collaboration will make it easier for SAFAL Partners to access and work closely with promising investment-seeking entrepreneurs while the entrepreneurs themselves have an easier access to trusted experts and mentors on matters of strategy, operations and finance.”

Both, Rockstart Impact and SAFAL Partners have similar goals and visions, making it feasible for them to work together. They are planning to have community events to inspire entrepreneurs to face any problem head-on and not be discouraged by it. Via such events, they also hope to bring new ideas and innovations from the West to Nepal. Such partnerships not only help “enhance the Nepali entrepreneurial ecosystem” but also “help bridge the gap between investors and entrepreneurial communities, and help take impact investment to the next level” according to Sushil Khadka a partner at SAFAL Partners.

As Niraj Khanal, another partner at SAFAL Partners, stated such collaborations will work towards “an upliftment of the capacity of Nepali entrepreneurs”. Furthermore, a partnership like this has already given a “much-needed positivity about the whole entrepreneurship ecosystem in Nepal.”

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