Rockstart, INCO and the JP Morgan Chase Foundation launch FEMTEQ

I am extremely excited to announce that we are launching FEMTEQ today, together with INCO and JP Morgan Chase & Co. The FEMTEQ program will provide ongoing access to expertise and support to the best 5 female entrepreneurs in their journey of building a (deep) technology business.

Although women are still far from equally presented in the tech industry, at Rockstart we are proud to say that on average 56% of FTEs are women. I also want to emphasize that the operational oversight of our programs is 100% owned by some seriously kick-ass women. Daria Reutovich (Management Accelerator Programs) and Kim Geesink (Management Corporate Programs) are both incredibly talented, and I am so proud of them and their respective teams every day. Trust me, don’t mess with these ladies!

In our accelerator programs of the last year, the participation of startups with female founders as a percentage of total startups that participated in the program was/is as follows: Smart Energy 0%, Web & Mobile 10%, Artificial Intelligence 22.2% and Digital Health 60%.

It is clear that although we are making progress (if we compare YOY growth in terms of female participation in our programs), it is undeniable that significant work is to be done within each of the different verticals within tech. Therefore, we are extremely excited to be working with INCO and JP Morgan Chase Co. to support more female founders into (deep) tech. Let’s strive for more equal gender distribution in the tech industry together. Women and men combined. FEMTEQ is an amazing starting point to recognize the work ahead of us if you ask me, and the start for a joint collaboration.

Step Forward. Start.

A special shout out to all the kick-ass ladies at Rockstart. I am proud of you every day!

Applications for FEMTEQ are open here: http://femteq.com/

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