Rockstart Introduces 2016 Cohort for Web and Mobile

AMSTERDAM – March 31, 2016 – Rockstart, the Global Startup Machine, announced today the 2016 class of Web and Mobile Accelerator participants.  The teams represent a wide-range of industries and sectors from a pharmaceutical marketplace, game development, content management and online wealth management to infographic visualization tools.  

Program Director Rutger van Waveren says, “I’m really excited about this diverse group of startups and their global potential. While all these businesses are very different – they have a common goal – to make the difficult easy and the complex simple, significantly removing friction across international markets. I think these startups have the potential to disrupt complete industries.”

The 10 teams include:

Chasing SpacesChasing Spaces is an online marketplace for temporary retail space and pop-up shops. Chasing Spaces makes short-term rental easy, removing empty retail space in our cities.

HealthyRoadHealthyRoad uses biometric facial technology to detect physical states to reduce the two main causes of road accidents: distraction and the drowsiness at the wheel.

Otly!A virtual bank for kids run by Mum and Dad. Using the Otly digital pocket money platform, parents can educate their kids to be smart with money. For kids, Otly! provides their own flavour of the “grown up” way of banking, making it simple and fun.

Playtest  – Playtest helps game developers get fast feedback from players. Playtest makes it easy to invite, distribute and get feedback from their fans for test versions of their games.

Pipelinepharma – Pipelinepharma is a B2B marketplace that reduces the amount of time pharmaceutical executives spend searching for products and negotiating agreements.

SuranceSurance is a personal online wealth manager that helps people realize their financial goals, all from an easy-to-use mobile app..

Teletext.ioTeletext.io is a drop-in content management service based on Javascript. It doesn’t require real programming. It just works.  It injects your content right into your website or app and lets your content writers edit content inline.

TIQ – TIQ automates your timesheet by proactively capturing your work activities and automatically generating an overview of the time you spent on specific clients, projects or tasks.

WhatagraphWhatagraph.com is a visualization tool for turning Google Analytics data into presentation-ready infographics.

WordKik – Wordkik is a parental control app that gives parents the ability to limit and monitor their children’s online access and behavior.

The 150-day Web and Mobile Accelerator program will focus the teams on key business fundamentals:  understanding their customers, accelerating product development and stimulating growth and culminates in a Demo Day at the end of June 2016.  

It takes a broad international network to develop and advise our startups.  We’d like to express our appreciation to our 80+ Web & Mobile mentors, who are instrumental to our startup’s success as they build, test and validate their business models.  In addition, many thanks to our Web & Mobile partners, who help our startups build (TamTam) and distribute (Burst) their products and support their organizations through legal services (Benvalor/VBC Notarissen), financial assistance and networks (Rabobank) and team development (Elevate Consulting Group).

To learn more about Rockstart’s Web & Mobile Accelerator program – visit us online today and follow the team’s progress on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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