Rockstart Kicks Off First Demo Day For The Digital Health Accelerator In Nijmegen

On Thursday March 10th, Rockstart, the Global Startup Machine, announced the Digital Health Demo Day featuring the first 10 participants of its Digital Health Accelerator. The accelerator, the first of its kind in The Netherlands, took place in Nijmegen to take full advantage of the highly innovative healthcare ecosystem that exists there. During the program, the startups have been engaging with a highly active network of healthcare professionals and partner organizations to help validate and scale their business.

Demo Day is the final milestone at the end of 180-day program. The 10 companies display the full range of digital health: from medical devices to robotics, from mobile prevention programs to online booking platforms.  During the program the total number of people working on the startups has more than doubled.

Highlights from Demo Day

– Recently, the startups presented for the Dutch minister of Health, Edith Schippers: “I’m privileged to see a lot of good ideas. Transforming an idea into a service for a large audience is really difficult and the determination and dedication that you show to scale your company is necessary. And most of all, in the interest of the patient.”
– During the program, the startups attracted over €400.000 in funding and team sizes more than doubled
– More than 75 international investors reached out the startups to discuss follow-up funding and future expansion plans- International startups have created partnerships with local healthcare organizations including AMC, St. Maartenskliniek, Radboudumc, Pluryn, SIZA, Philadelphia, Pharmaccess, various GP practices and healthcare insurers.
– International startups have created partnerships with local healthcare organizations including AMC, St. Maartenskliniek, Radboudumc, Pluryn, SIZA, Philadelphia, Pharmaccess, various GP practices and healthcare insurers.

Program Director Maarten den Braber: “The startups in this year’s program really show that Digital Health goes hand-in-hand with great business opportunities. We see that Digital Health in general is gaining strong momentum with entrepreneurs and investors. Recently CB Insights ranked Rockstart’s Digital Health program 6th most active digital health investor worldwide out of more than 1,000 investors.”

Overview: startups and their announcements

Bruxlab (Netherlands)  – Bruxlab focuses on the dental sleep disorder Bruxism (involuntary habitual grinding of the teeth, typically during sleep) and provides a cost effective and efficient test/diagnostic tools for patients and dentists. While the patient is asleep the smartphone app records possible grinding sounds.

Bruxlab recently secured CE certification and is HIPAA compliant, making it market ready for Europe and the United States.

Cognilab (US) –  Cognilab is an online research platform for the scientific study of the human mind. Cognilab created a virtual lab allowing researchers to collect data faster than ever before.

One of Cognilab’s early adopters, a Canadian researcher, went from creating her first psychology experiment to publishing the results in Body Image (paywall), a prestigious peer-reviewed academic journal in less than 8 months. Cognilab has also established a valuable partnership with the UK company Prolific, providing an additional 30K participants to the Cognilab pool.

Dinst (Netherlands) – Dinst enables seniors and their informal caregivers to locate pre-screened professionals like handymen, hairdressers and physical therapists to provide in-home services.

Dinst developed a white label SaaS solution to connect the networks of large homecare organizations to their platform. They’ve already signed contracts with Amstelring and Leefstijl3 and are working on growing their current userbase to include more partner organizations.

Fuelling (Argentina) – Fuelling is an app for companies that encourages and rewards employees for their sportsmanship. It’s simple, fun and customizable.

Fuelling is working with four customers to develop customized challenge and HR wellness dashboards that will impact 15,000+ employees in 10 countries.

Fysio24 (Netherlands) –  Fysio24 is an app giving users access to a library of do-it-yourself prevention and recovery programs for running injuries.

This month Fysio24 will launch their beta app and assembled a group of running injury experts to develop injury prevention and recovery programs. In May 2016 the paid version of the app will be launched.

Med Angel (Germany) – Med Angel is a device and an app that continuously monitors the temperature of medication and alerts users if it gets critical.

Med Angel is planning the product launch in Europe in Q2 2016, soft launch in the US in Q3 2016 and a solution for small/medium medical practices “Med Angel PRO.”

MOUNT (Netherlands) – MOUNT helps bring patients and health providers closer together through shared decision making and Digital Decision Aids (DDA’s), which are linked to the Electronic Health Record-system of healthcare institutions.

MOUNT has recently signed contracts with Academic Medical Center Amsterdam and RadboudUMC to partner in developing DDA’s, and is a proud winner of the Sustainable Healthcare Challenge.

Picto Connection (Spain) – Picto Connection is an intelligent communication software, designed by professionals, that through an online neuropsychological test, recommends and creates the best communication tool for each individual .

In the last year, Picto Connection has released their product to the Spanish market, brought on Spanish payment clients and have plans to expand internationally – this year in the Netherlands, next year in Germany and France followed by the United States and Latin America.

Teamscope (Chile) – Teamscope is a mobile platform that makes it possible for medical researchers in rural areas to collect clinical data and collaborate with their peers right on their mobile device, even when they are offline or in remote locations.

This year Teamscope launched an Android app in addition to their iOS app and established a partnership with Pharmaccess (NL) to conduct a series of pilots in Africa.

Tinybots (Netherlands) – Tinybots creates social robots that bring structure and cognitive stimulation to individuals with dementia and assist their caregivers through friendly, spoken reminders and suggestive activities – all scheduled and controlled through a simple app.

Tinybots has received 17.000 euros in pre-orders and presented Tinybots to prime-minister Mark Rutte & startup special envoy Neelie Kroes.

After Demo Day, the teams will focus on scaling their businesses with sessions dedicated to hands-on support for fundraising and expanding their teams.  On March 17th, Med Angel and Tinybots pitch to an audience of 1000 healthcare, business and innovation professional at the Health Valley Event.

Rockstart would like to thank our Digital Health partners:  Bol, Deloitte, Gemeente Nijmegen, Health Valley, Hekkelman Advocaten & Notarissen, Kadans Science Partner, Noaber Ventures, Novio Tech Campus, PPM Oost, Provincie Gelderland, Rabobank and Radboud UMC Reshape Center.

To read our press announcement in Dutch, please click here.

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