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Rockstart launches FEMTEQ!

With women underrepresented in the tech industry, it is important to foster and support the women that are in the sector. That’s why we launched FEMTEQ with INCO supported by The JPMorgan Chase Foundation. FEMTEQ is a program to boost female entrepreneurship and diversity in the tech industry by providing access to the partners’ networks and expertise. The program empowers aspiring female entrepreneurs to help them reach their full potential. We are excited to announce that we have selected five female entrepreneurs to enter this month-long program.

The five female entrepreneurs will join the Rockstart co-working space and take part in four focused workshops to develop commercial, entrepreneurial and personal skills, and social events. These women will have access to our network of 130+ successful entrepreneurs and 300+ mentors.

We are proud that at Rockstart – on average – 56% of our full-time employee are women. We see the importance of diversity in the workforce and are proud to work towards this with FEMTEQ. The five women joining this program come from diverse backgrounds and work in multiple different sectors of the tech industry. Each one brings with her something unique to the program; we are excited to see these five women grow throughout the program.

“I am extremely happy to see more women creating and building interesting deep tech companies. This changes the perception and role of women in the startup world. We at Rockstart are excited to be working together with INCO and JP Morgan Chase Co towards the same goal – to bring more equal gender distribution and diversity to the industry. FEMTEQ is just a starting point for this change, but we are proud to be able to provide an opportunity to female founders to get access to knowledge and network as well as to inspire them to keep growing and working in the tech industry!” Daria Reutovich Accelerator Program Manager

We’re happy to share the five female entrepreneurs with you!

The Female Entrepreneurs

Olga Chumakova is the co-founder of BeSure Healthcare. Originally from Ukraine, Olga has over a decade of experience in the tech field. She is an experienced executive with a background in information technology, healthcare, and the financial service industry. BeSure Healthcare is a global cloud-based collaborative platform connecting senior people with their healthcare teams. This platform enables patients to have their healthcare plan monitored, analyzed and corrected in real time by their healthcare team for effective stroke prevention and treatment.

Ronja Slierendrecht is the business lead at Zoom Script. Ronja is a self-starter with a focus on and passion for innovation and co-creation. Zoom Script originated from the concept that people and technology complement each other. It helps users transcribe, search and share files easily and quickly with others – by binding the audio to the text the platform makes it easy to share the files.

Ally Dragozet is the founder of Sea Going Green. Her focus is on sustainable tourism through sustainable business. Ally comes from an international background and has an MSc in Oceanography and Limnology. It is her love for traveling and the ocean that drives her commitment to sustainable tourism. Sea Going Green’s mission is to alleviate the negative impacts tourism has on marine environments by offering consulting services on the implementation of sustainable practices to tourism companies.

Fionna Faulk is the co-founder for Recruitsos.io. Recruitsos.io transforms the old hiring process into a top talent-matching machine. It uses the latest advancements in video, AI, and automation. Through this technology, instant resume screening, automatic interview scheduling, video pre-screening, automated video pre-screen assessments, diversity tracking, and team collaboration can all be automated. Fionna was a finalist in 2018 d-LAB.tech Finalist.

Emily Jacometti is the CEO and co-founded of Flavour. Emily has been responsible for the commercial development of Flavour from startup to a scale-up. Flavour believes in the power of play. Together with change markers, it aims to create a positive impact on society. Flavour has developed some remarkable gamified products such as Dispatch, On Board Game, Echoes, and Greenberg Island.

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