Andrii Degeler

Rockstart New HQ: If there’s a mill, there’s a way

The first acceleration program of Rockstart was envisioned, prepared, and launched by a few guys sitting on bar stools in the office of an advertising agency in 2011. After the inaugural bar stools, and over the next few years, the team had moved four times around the city center of Amsterdam before landing in their current home in the building at Herengracht 182.

This old-fashioned, four-storey house that used to be a bank has been our home for almost four years. It’s seen hundreds of startups through all their highs and lows, celebrations as well as moments of despair, excited meetings and impromptu late-night hacking sessions.

It’s been a great ride, and now it’s time to move on. In about two months, we’ll start settling into our new building in Houthavens, at Rigakade 10. Houthavens is one of Amsterdam’s up-and-coming areas not far from the Central Station, with new apartment buildings, parks, and tunnels being constructed as we speak.


Our new industrial-style home is 2,800m² large, with a lot of outdoor space, a hefty event area, meeting rooms, flex-desk hangar, and startup offices of all shapes and sizes. What’s more important about this move, however, is that it allows us to go back to our roots to build, create, hack, hustle, and set our entrepreneurial selves free.

A lot of things have changed for Rockstart since that first program, but the purpose of our existence is still there: we help people build companies better, faster. Although everyone is in love with our current home, we believe that a former sawmill that looks like a pirate’s nest fits our purposes much better than a former bank that looks like a bank.

So, behold Rockstart’s glorious new home and look out for an invitation to our housewarming party in a few months time!

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