Health Valley, NL – 14 December, 2016 – Rockstart, the world’s greatest startup machine, announces new health partnerships with healthcare organizations Pluryn, Radboudumc, Siza and St. Maartenskliniek. The four new health partners will each provide extra support to one participant of Rockstart’s Digital Health Accelerator. This includes testing their product with patients, customers and pitching their product to the board.  

Program Director Casper Smeets says, “It’s difficult for digital health startups to get traction without the help of partners. That’s why these health partnerships are so important. Not only will the startups have access to resources, patient and customer insights, but they’ll benefit from the deep health knowledge these experts provide to find product/market fit faster. The health partner ecosystem we’re building will give our startups a head start.”

While finding health partners is easy, partnering with the right ones is hard. Rockstart’s health partners are all pioneers in their respective fields. Pluryn helps people who have to deal with complex issues in the handicapped care and youth care sectors. At their innovation center ‘Living Lab’ they say that everyone has the right to innovate. Radboud University Medical Center’s mission is ‘to have a significant impact on health(care).’ Their REshape Center creates awareness and executes on the convergence of exponential technology and patient empowerment on a global level. Siza’s staff applies their energy and expertise to support people with disabilities so they can organize their own lives. Siza helps start-ups get user validation with 15000 users through their Testbed Disability Care. And the Sint Maartenskliniek is a hospital that specializes in improving posture and movement for their patients, through their four main areas of expertise: orthopedics, rheumatology, rehabilitation medicine and pain management.

For some startups it’s critical to scientifically validate their product in addition to finding product/market fit. Radboudumc REshape Center Director Lucien Engelen adds, “Rockstart and Radboudumc will also strive for a fast track science program. Normally it takes years for a decent scientific validation. We’d like to bring it back to months. Rockstart’s digital health startups will be the first to benefit from this new program.”

Rockstart’s Digital Health Accelerator is currently underway with Demo Day taking place 30 March 2017. To learn more about Rockstart’s Digital Health Accelerator, the team’s progress and our other partners, please visit us online and follow us on Twitter and on Facebook.

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