Rockstart Smart Energy Demo Day ‘16

Smart and Energetic Startups Pitch for SE Demo Day 2016

The 3rd Smart Energy Accelerator cohort pitched their vision and successes to an audience filled with investors, mentors, partners, and the press on Wednesday, July 6th.  The 10 startups coming from over 11 countries including Colombia, Brazil and China presented their solutions for the current and future energy challenges we are facing.

Rockstart’s Smart Energy Program Director Freerk Bisschop reflected: “This year’s batch doubles down on what I call the ‘Internet of Energy Things’ with businesses that are using the cloud and integrating data intelligence, mesh networks, localisation, SaaS and micropayments – all with a smart green impact. Their customers are consumers, utilities, municipalities and corporate enterprise and this has been a great opportunity for our partners to get even more involved as teams have focused and strengthened their value propositions.”

With the ultimate goal of global expansion, the accelerator teams have developed solutions for a variety of energy challenges such as grid stabilization with the increase of renewable energy, congestion problems within growing cities and the need to create true smart buildings, industries and cities.

Interestingly, Demo Day was held at Westerliefde in Amsterdam, a cultural space refurbished from a former gas factory.  Yesterday’s event was a striking reminder of how quickly the business of energy is changing and how innovative entrepreneurs are leading that change.

For an in-depth look into how innovation will be an element for overcoming the energy challenges we are facing, listen to a podcast by Freerk and Kees van der Leun on the subjects of a Zero Carbon Society by 2050, recorded during the Energy Fest last month.

Read on about the 2016 class of Smart Energy startups and their accomplishments:

Sympower – (Estonia/UK)

Sympower is helping the electricity grid become low-carbon by making the way consumers use energy smarter by providing real-time electricity grid balancing in a cloud based platform. They connect to the grid to turn devices off which eliminates the overuse of power.

Sympower has created a pilot program with TenneT, the operator for Dutch power grids, for a virtual power plant of 100 households and electric vehicle batteries. Sympower is also installing smart control hardware in Finnish greenhouses.

eGEO – (Colombia)

eGEO produces low-cost Ultra-SmartGrid terminals providing local-grid stabilisation & real-time valuable metrics for industries, utilities and grid operators.

eGEO now has four pilot programs in Europe and Colombia. For one of these projects, eGEO will team with Power2Care from the Netherlands to provide a green electrical infrastructure for a hospital in rural Colombia.   

Dajie – (Italy/UK)

Dajie enables peer-to-peer energy sharing and conservation by using a blockchain platform, open source software, and the Internet of Things (IoT).  Dajie’s solution also simplifies the complexity and costs to build and manage local micro-grids.

Dajie is testing their energy solution through a pilot program on the micro-grid at the University of Rome. They are also in discussion with three energy companies in the Netherlands and Italy for further projects. Here is a great video explaining their proposition.

GEOLUMEN – (Italy)

GEOLUMEN provides a wireless network of smart lights for large open spaces (outdoor & indoor), with location-based services like energy saving, safety, security, parking management and environmental monitoring to turn lights into a Smart City IoT platform.

GEOLUMEN is piloting a smart light project with Gemeente Amsterdam and will install their devices in 100 of the lanterns around the city, including 10 lanterns in front of and around the Rockstart building.

Monal – (Netherlands/Belgium/China)

Monal (formerly Magicview) provides parking & charging services based on the ultra-precise localisation of vehicles and users, using a proprietary Electronic Mobility Card. It integrates information, reservations and payments in one loop, which leads to better yield for the city and  better user experience for the driver.  

Monal has fully integrated their technology with Qpark and has a €100.000 pilot customer.

Wapo – (Greece)

Wapo is an engagement platform featuring the wapoBOT for smart building users making interaction between people and systems trustworthy, purposeful, and really easy.

WapoBOT is now live and responsive to their customer base, integrated in Slack. Users can ask wapoBOT any question around the building, from complex queries, to simple comfort levels and get responses. Wapo is piloting the “invisible” BOT interface of wapoBOT with one of their main customers in Greece, the leading cash and carry foodstore operator. The energy management team will use the chat interface exclusively for one week and provide feedback on the interactions and functionality.

FlowBox – (Czech Republic)

FlowBox is a smart platform for medium-sized manufacturing companies to continuously measure, evaluate, and manage all types of energies consumed by the customer. Their technology reveals inefficiencies as well as maintains the energy management of a business, allowing the user to monitor and control their self-contained energy system from anywhere in the world through an online application.

Flowbox recently completed lighting control for Bombadier’s locomotion production facility and are implementing energy measurement for Security Paper Mill.  Flowbox has also entered into a partnership with Roland Berger, one of the top worldwide consultancy companies, on a joint approach towards their multinational clients.

Newatt  – (Brazil)

Newatt is a dedicated, real-time energy management system for retail store chains and supermarkets, providing actionable insights about energy efficiency of different sections/stores of the chain and maintenance of equipment.

Newatt announced their new pilot in Mart Minas, a chain of 20 wholesale supermarkets in Brazil. They estimate that Mart Minas will save a half of a million euros in energy savings in the first year of the pilot program.

Crownstone – (Netherlands)

Crownstone uses your presence for smarter and safer homes and offices by integrating indoor positioning in power outlets.  

Crownstone set up a partner network with 7 partners (including Deerns) to save energy, find colleagues, and personalize desks in the enterprise world. They also developed an app that consumers can use in their smart homes to do things such as turn off dangerous appliances, which turns the Crownstone device into a smart child-lock.

Vebbu – (Croatia)

Vebbu offers a smart ventilation solution which controls the air quality of your home in an energy efficient way.

Vebbu announced Joris Jonker,  founder of Quby / Toon has joined their Advisory Board. In Spring 2017 Vebbu will run a 1000 unit commercial pilot of Vebbu‘s indoor climate sensors integrated with Toon.  Vebbu will also launch operations with strategic partner Energy Awareness in Ireland with a 150 home pilot program and expanding to 2000 homes in 2017. Vebbu has also completed the first 3d printed prototype of the heat recovery ventilation system.   Check out Vebbu’s new product video

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