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Startup Support Session #5: B2B sales in a remote world – How to make a difference

Riccardo Osti, CEO of Wonderflow, hosted Session #6: B2B Sales in a Remote World, as part of the Rockstart Startup Support Sessions. Wonderflow is an integrated enterprise solution to turn the voice of the customer into actions.

Riccardo explains in the video what is currently happening in B2B sales, and what he thinks will be happening in the future. Discussing what is most important during uncertainty, and providing guidance to help overcome the wide range of challenges this crisis has brought. He also gives helpful insights into how you can identify new opportunities that COVID-19 might bring.

Did you miss the webinar or want to watch it again? Watch the video below:

00:00:00 Introduction to Riccardo and Wonderflow
00:01:53 What is Happening in B2B and What will Happen
00:03:50 What is Most Important During Uncertainty
00:05:42 How to Conduct B2B in a Remote World: Identifying the Challenges
00:11:15 Creating Solutions
00:19:50 Bonus Advice
00:20:01 Inspiration from Wonderwork AI-Driven Employment

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