Alumni News: TalkJS receives seed investment from BOM, Pioneers Ventures, and GGP

Great news for our 2015 Web & Mobile alumni, TalkJS! The Eindhoven startup has obtained a seed investment from Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM), Pioneers Ventures, and GGP. TalkJS provides customers with an integrated chat solution for their websites and mobile applications. Companies can embed their chat service into their platform to provide website visitors and app users with the opportunity to exchange instant messages. With the funding, TalkJS looks to further optimize and expand their chat service, while BOM, an economic development company that is committed to growing companies in Brabant, together with partners, offers promising companies access to knowledge, capital, talent, market and facilities focused on economic and social issues. In this way, BOM contributes to the sustainable strengthening of the Brabant economy.

TalkJS is a leader in user-to-user chat solutions and already has customers across the globe. The funding will be used to optimize chat services and add some new features. TalkJS will also expand management capabilities, including extensive monitoring and analysis capabilities. The investment helps the company stay competitive in a fast-growing market. “Other providers are struggling to combine high quality with low purchase prices,” said Joshua Schoenaker, co-founder of TalkJS. “We are able to do this because we did not develop a completely new solution. We provide a plug-in solution that can easily configure companies in the back office to suit their own tastes and wishes. This way we keep the costs low and ease-of-use high.”

TalkJS customers are often online marketplaces, social networks, and collaborative tools. One example is another Rockstart alumni, Crowdyhouse, an online marketplace for designers. Visitors to the website can communicate directly with the designers themselves through the chat feature on the website when they have questions about a product. We love seeing the Rockstart network in action, and we wish both TalkJS and Crowdyhouse more success in the coming months! 

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