Julie Donders

Rockstart says: Thank you

We’re thankful for 2011. We’re thankful because of all the people who’ve worked with us, inspired us and who’ve pushed us forward. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to invite everybody to the Rockstart Winter Drinks but to those of you who made it: we really enjoyed your presence and we would like to once more say a BIG thank you to you.

Thanks to all our readers as well. You’ve tremendously helped us in improving our blog, we really appreciate it and we hope to keep on serving you with fresh entrepreneurial thoughts from Rockstart HQ in 2012 and beyond.

This year we laid the foundation of Rockstart. We’ve captured our DNA in the Rockstart Manifesto, we’ve established the first Rockstart company with the Rockstart Accelerator and we’ve launched two blogs.

In 2012 we’ll roll out the Rockstart media company: we’ll build and launch Rockstart.com and several blogs, we’ll present the first Rockstart apps and we’ll plug the first Rockstart events. In the meantime, we’ll be preparing the Rockstart services company to be launched in 2013.

Since we coined the name “Rockstart” at the end of 2010 we’ve learned a lot and encountered many, many great startups and inspiring people. We look forward to continue spreading the Rockstart message and expanding the family. We’re thankful and open to anyone who wants to join our mission and build the greatest startup machine ever built.

2012, here we come.


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