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The life of a Rockstart Digital Health startup leading up to Demo Day

Since February, ten startups from six countries have been rocking the Digital Health program by improving their products and business models towards their goal – scaling up. Here time flies by fast and on June 21 ThermoData, Cedexis, ENTy, RehabGlove, Stethotelephone, Umotion, DeepDee, EasyWaytoHealth, InMotion VR and Instantcare will take the stage at the third Rockstart Digital Health Demo Day to share their company vision and the work they have done during their time at Rockstart.

When you first meet the entrepreneurs, you can feel that they are eager to fit as many hours in a day as possible, preferably more than twenty-four. Even though everybody is overtaken with their own business they are all in this together and if they can help each other out, they will. That’s one of the biggest perks of working in a Rockstart co-working space.

One day in the Digital Health office

A typical week at the Rockstart Digital Health headquarters starts with a breakfast where everybody gives an update on the previous week and the work that has been done. They also look out to the coming week, their week depends on the plans of the program; sessions with mentors or workshops may follow that day. I joined the founders during a day of meetings with two new mentors Martine Rooth and Sjoerd Kruijff, and all startups also worked on their pitches for the Demo day together with another mentor, Sander Datema.

As the startups were meeting the new mentors, each startup used their time differently. Some of them unfolded their story, others wanted to know more about the mentor and their experience. More direct questions followed about the broadening of the network through the new mentor and one of the startups even practiced their pitch for Demo day. Great examples of how these sessions can be used in many different ways, that fit the startups and their needs.

The trend of the health professionals not being ready and open enough for new technological developments continued to show up during the day in the conversations between startups and mentors. They agreed that it’s important to know the right people and how to present your product best and that’s where Rockstart comes in. The network Rockstart provides helps them to shape their business model and the story of their product or service.

Being a part of Rockstart Digital Health Accelerator

The startups ThermoData, Cedexis, ENTy, RehabGlove, Stethotelephone, Umotion, DeepDee, EasyWaytoHealth, InMotion VR and Instantcare all had a different starting point, and there is no wonder that also after few months of the program they are on different stages. Each one of them has had their own struggles and victories but all agree that working within Rockstart Digital Health Accelerator helps to resolve questions which they didn’t have any idea of how to tackle.

“When we got here in February, we had nothing except our prototype. We didn’t even have a business model. We had no clue about how we can sell it and bring it to the market,” Jaroslav Likhachevskiy from DeepDee revealed. “The first big challenge for us was to build a business model and then we could also cover other themes with mentors. There are still a lot of open questions. We have a lot of assumptions that we can validate with mentors. It helps a lot.”

“On the one hand you are trying to scale up your sales, and then you run into the wall of implementation. That’s also a thing that in the end, the network is helping to solve,” said Gert-Jan Brok from InMotion VR. “The input that we get from the people within the network is very helpful and at the end, it’s all about knowing the right people, a good product strategy and having a clear story. That’s what we have taken out of this program after a couple of months. Everybody here is in a helping mode!”

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