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The New Energy Challenge announces the 27 companies shortlisted for 2019 

The New Energy Challenge, organized by Shell, Rockstart, YES!Delft and Get in the Ring, has announced the 27 companies that made it through the next round. More than 200 start-ups and scale-ups working in the energy transition participated in this year’s competition.

In this edition, startups and scaleups that offer innovative, low-carbon energy solutions related to the future of mobility, energy management, energy storage, hydrogen and the retail station of the future, competed in two different tracks in order to suit their specific needs, making this year’s New Energy Challenge even more impactful.

This year’s focus for Rockstart will be scale-ups, offering them the opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge with our mentors, as well as the opportunity to design a pilot proposal. The winner will further develop the pilot together with Shell Ventures and Shell’s Retail business, ultimately launching it at a Shell retail site.

The finalists in each track will be invited to join the finals week in October in the Netherlands to prepare their winning pitch. A jury consisting of experts will pick a winner of the New Energy Challenge.

Shortlisted scale-ups

Energy Management Solutions

  • Enerbrain: Enerbrain develops a ‘plug&play’ kit of devices that can be easily installed in every kind of building to fine-tune energy usage in real-time, creating better heating, cooling, and ventilation, which results in over 30% energy savings, more comfort, and less CO2 emissions.
  • interpanel: interpanel develops, manufactures and distributes an all-in-one multifunctional ceiling module: the climatelight, which ensures a healthy room climate in new and existing commercial buildings, by integrating surface lighting, acoustics, heating, and the world‘s first condensation-free cooling.
  • (IPS) International Power Supply: IPS has developed a stand-alone, smart and interactive, self-managed power supply system. This system provides full power independence for grid-connected and off-grid facilities by converting them to more efficient and autonomous systems. These systems are immune to power outages while generating CO2 and OPEX reductions and being able to operate in harsh ambient conditions.

Energy Storage Solutions

  • Broadbit Batteries: BroadBit Batteries produces high performance, low cost, safe, scalable and environmentally friendly sodium chloride (table salt) based batteries for electric vehicles, grid storage, and stabilization.
  • GRZ Technologies: GRZ Technologies specializes in the dense, safe and affordable storage of hydrogen to provide an attractive solution to the problem of fluctuating renewable energy sources, by developing the first economically feasible technology to store hydrogen in the form of solid (metal hydride).


  • Clean Power Hydrogen: Clean Power Hydrogen offers local production of hydrogen using renewable energy, using their next-generation technology (non-membrane electrolyzer), with cryogenic separation of mixed gas.

Novel Mobility Solutions

  • Amber: Amber is a next-generation car-sharing platform that uses an AI-driven, intelligent platform and modified electric vehicles to drastically reduce the number of cars needed to service a given number of people.
  • Chargery: Chargery ensures that shared electric fleets can be operated efficiently and profitably by offering a mobile charging service for electric cars which is perfectly fitted to urban areas due to its construction on an electrified bike-trailer.

Retail Station Reinvented

  • Polysolar: Polysolar manufactures advanced transparent photovoltaic glazing, meaning their glazing generates power from the sun whilst being completely see-through.
  • SEaB Energy: SEaB Energy developed the Flexibuster, a multi-award winning containerized anaerobic digestion unit that produces biogas from food waste, directly at the point where the waste is generated and the energy is required, providing fuel for heating and transport.
  • EcoG: EcoG developed a platform and operating system which brings the same to EV (electric vehicle) chargers what the smartphone brought to telephones, thus making these chargers smart and integrated with each other.

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