The one good thing about working for a large corporation

You can say what you want about big companies, but one thing they do really well is invest in their most talented and ambitious employees, often called “high potentials”.

Executive training and coaching for this exclusive group of people often costs thousands of euros, but is known to have a huge ROI as people become more aware in terms of their leadership abilities, how they work as a team and knowing exactly in which areas they excel, and what they need to work on, to do even better.

This kind of coaching propels young, talented people to the top of the corporate ladder. At the height of their career, they earn hundreds of thousands of Euros but are still often trapped in suits, bureaucracy and politics.

In the world of startups, talent and ambition is also seen as the decisive factor that determines failure or success for a young company. we hear investors repeat this all the time; invest in great people, preferably in great teams.

But we would like to pose the following question which should be asked more frequently: how do you take a great team, and turn this into a world-class team? a team that works together as a rock-solid machine, a team that knows how to recruit, train and grow a company that needs to hire 2 employees every months, because things go so well. We believe that this requires new skills that can and should be taught consciously, from an early stage in the company. The only problem is that startups almost never have the money to spend on this, even though the value is apparent.

We have spoken to a great number of highly successful entrepreneurs who have had this kind of coaching at a later stage in their life, and they all wished they would have had it 10-15 years earlier.

That’s why we are extremely proud to present a € 60.000-value partnership with Elevate Consulting, an HR Consultancy Organization specialized in the Executive Search, Assessments and Coaching of serial entrepreneurs, CEO’s and other executives. Elevate is  is going to coach and train our 10 teams; do personal assessment, learn hiring skills and much more €.

Below, Frank van Steenis and Renske Valk, founders of Elevate Consulting, share their story on why they got involved with Rockstart Accelerator:

“As Entrepreneurs ourselves we started Elevate Consulting which focuses on talent assessment, talent development and coaching.  In addition to these core activities we conduct vast amounts of scientific research in better understanding talent drivers and characteristics of executives and people which make the difference.  When we came across Rockstart we were immediately triggered.  it is a target audience we love, it is one we understand and it is one we believe will make the difference in the future.  This generation understands ‘reality distortion’ and are re-defing a new world order.  Thats why we wanted to be part of it.”

“Our key focus will be in helping teams better understand their core competences and skills, understand the need of self-reflection and understand the need of team work.  We have seen various other start up programs and we believe this program is very exclusive.  The quality of partners, the quality of mentors and the program itself is amazing and thats why we wanted to add even more value.  During the 100 day program we will be assisting teams by forms of assessment, role playing and by adding our HR expertise to help individuals better understand themselves, their team members and their core competences. All key factors we believe in establishing great businesses.”

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