Jeske Schepers

The View From Jeske’s Desk

One of the many hats I wear is Rockstart Spaces receptionist. I often can be found sitting at the reception desk of de Zonnewijser, Herengracht 182 in Amsterdam. It’s an office building, and home of Rockstart Spaces, a coworking space, but I wouldn’t say it’s like your average office. Some people wouldn’t even guess it’s an office. One time during a fire drill, the members of our community were lined up on the sidewalk. We are quite a large group of people, so the line went around the corner. While I was standing at the front door in my flashy yellow emergency jacket, tourists came up to me asking for the entrance fee. They were curious to see ‘what was happening here,’ and they thought the building was a museum or landmark. I thought it was hilarious.

That unexplainable ‘buzz’

But that’s not the only time that people are surprised about the buzz going on here. It happens often that guests are curious about the building they just entered. They wonder what and who is in it and what we are doing here. There’s actually no short answer to that. We have so many different companies in this building, so many nationalities and talents, all working together or separately on projects and ideas.

That’s what I love about my job. Every day I get to work amongst all these inspiring people. I normally wake up a bit sleepy and grumpy, but greeting them every morning gives me a lot of energy. I hear all their stories, challenges, new business plans and passions.

Rockstart Spaces Serendipity

I like to introduce people to each other, when I feel they have a similar interest. Not that they need my help for that, though. This community gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet each other and learn from each other. Collaborations between companies in our building tend to happen very naturally, rather than being planned or forced. They’re all startups, energized by very passionate people who are eager to learn and build their companies. They love to share knowledge and resources and help each other out. Whether it’s sharing their contacts or helping to carry a massive fridge up to an office space, they definitely ‘pay it forward’ 😉

As a nice example of this, I actually just entered the kitchen where Aleksandra from Chef and the City was preparing some delicious bites for an event. Lior and Jelle from Otly! were happy to be there at the right time: Aleksandra let them try the tasty bites. In the meantime, they were talking a bit and Aleksandra mentioned that her website could really use an update, but she just hadn’t found the right person to help her yet. Enchanted by the taste in his mouth, Jelle said these updates would be a piece of cake for him and offered to fix them for her. A win-win if you ask me!


It makes me feel very proud when I hear tenants welcoming their guests saying ‘Welcome to Rockstart!’ Apparently they share my view, that Rockstart Spaces is so much more than just the opportunity to rent desks in our shared office space. If this sounds like a community that you would like to be part of, then look into shared office space. And if you would like some more information, please feel free to contact my colleague Marlies by email marlies@rockstart [dot] com.

Jeske Schepers is the Rockstart Spaces Reception and Facilities Manager. She has been a part of the Rockstart team since 2016.

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