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Web and Mobile startups rocked the stage on Demo Day

Rockstart held its 7th Web & Mobile Demo Day this past Thursday, September 12th in The Warehouse at their headquarters in Amsterdam. The ten Rockstart Accelerated startups took to the stage to present their progress, company vision and investment requirements to a packed house of investors, mentors, and stakeholders from the Amsterdam technology ecosystem.

Each startup has spent the past four months in the Web & Mobile accelerator working at Rockstart HQ. The program connected the startups with industry experts in their respective sectors. Through a highly engaged group of mentors, the startups have been able to actively work with a network of professionals and partner organizations.

The program was lead by Rockstart’s second Scottish Program Director, Bernard McKeown. Before joining the team Bernard’s experience came from many years forming and growing enterprise software businesses. Together with over 80 mentors, from a range of backgrounds, the Web & Mobile startups have been supported throughout their development towards investor-readiness.

The Rockstart Web & Mobile program is focused on making the startups scalable by providing them access to expertise, community, market, and capital. “We’re super proud that several of the startups have experienced exponential growth throughout the last four month”, said Bernard McKeown.

The Progress

Demo Day gives the startups the chance to present the progress they have made in the past four months and their plan for fundraising. Here is how the ten startups have progressed over the last four months in the Web & Mobile program.

The companies fell into three categories with regards to measurable traction. The first tranche where those still working towards product-market fit. These firms were tracking customer pilots, user acquisition and sales pipeline strength. The second tranche, totaling three, were SAAS companies tracking monthly recurring revenue. (MRR). MRR at the point of demo day totaled more than €30,000; up 400% since joining the program. The last tranche, also totaling three, were marketplace companies, reporting on Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV). Those firms tracking GMV saw growth of 242%, transacting over €1,000,000 in the same four-month period. It’s also worth noting these companies had a take rate anywhere between 6% and 30%.

BBOX Sports (Portugal) creates customized boxes that generate engagement between football clubs and fans through a gamification app that allows users to swipe left or right on photos of products. Through this data, users will get sent a customized box each month. BBOX Sports has a two-year contract With RealFevr for more than 3,000 boxes.

Bluechef (France/Lithuania) makes it possible for restaurant customers to order and pay on their phones without the use of an app. It is a platform for in-house ordering, payment and loyalty experiences for restaurants and their customers. Bluechef gives data to restaurants to better understand their customers and offers rewards and recommendations.

Cårporate (Netherlands/Russia) is a B2B ridesharing solution that connects business travelers with nearly identical departure and arrival routes so they can share rides. Through ride sharing, customers save money, decrease CO2 emissions and foster networking between travelers.

Brincr (the Netherlands) is an online platform that supports wholesale companies with important tasks and workflow. It works to manage sales, manage customer, and create a financial overview.

Taskhunters (Italy) is a platform for companies to hire available young people for temporary jobs that require basic skills. It has over 20,000 registered workers and over 200 companies looking for workers across 15 cities.

YayFon (Azerbaijan) provides business-to-client communication by enabling websites to have a call button that directly allows clients to connect them through its website. It helps businesses cut cost without reducing the quality and reliability of calls. YayFon offers video, audio and messaging options for clients.

RedCrox (Czech Republic) is the world’s first risk-free sports betting marketplace. It combines shopping and sports betting, onto one unique platform. It’s clever use of its proprietary derivative, offers users risk-free sports betting with the chance to win the face value of its receipts. Today, it counts over 75K users, e240,000 in monthly GMV and over 1000 local and global retailers on board.

Transporters.io (Thailand/UK) is building a global end-to-end booking solution specifically for group transportation. Its SaaS Traction is 35,000 journeys and 20.000+ vehicles.

Publishizer (the Netherlands/USA) allows authors to pre-sell copies of their unpublished book, if they reach 750 pre-orders publishizer then pitches the book to publishers and negotiates a deal. It brings market forces to publishing acquisitions with 9 out of 10 authors landing a deal. These authors have earned €1.2 million on Publishizer.

ISO2HANDLE (The Netherlands) digitizes management systems for standard schemes. It is an online platform with all standards in one place that work together – with this everything is simplified for use. With a €800 million European market and €2.4 billion world market, there is a large demand for ISO2HANDLE.

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